Only The Mighty Catzilla Can Tell You If Your PC Is Any Good

A handy way to test the strength of your PC for gaming purposes is to run a benchmark program. See how quickly your rig can render something boring like a waterfall or something clichéd like a dungeon.

No thanks. I'd rather see how well it can handle the mighty Catzilla, which rather than being the product of a hardware company is actually the work of Dasura devs Plastic Studios and a Polish post-production studio. And is apparently somewhat interactive.

You can sign up to test Catzilla below.

Catzilla [Official Site, via PC Gamer]


    But would we really be the ones testing catzilla or would catzilla be testing us?

    You had me at WUB!
    ..... wubububub.

    Hells yes. I do like the usual 3d tests and how pretty they can be but damn if they are not boring.

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