Rapper Gets Kicked Out Of Microsoft Store Mid-Performance

There are many things in the world that go together beautifully. Chocolate and mint, for example. Or coffee and anything. Then there are some things that are much more questionable. Like, say, The Microsoft Store and live performances. Especially live rap performances on the shelves where the expensive computers sit.

Cleveland-based recording artist Machine Gun Kelly is not known for particularly soft-spoken or genteel turns of phrase. He was brought in to perform for an event being held at the Microsoft Store in Atlanta, and as AllHipHop reports, things went downhill from there:

During his performance, the rapper began jumping on tables in the store which housed brand new and expensive computers and laptops. MGK ignored the pleas of the Microsoft staff to get down, and instead hit them with the middle finger and said:

"Suck my d**k, I'm up in this motherf**ker. MGK in this b***h. F**k these computers."

After about 40 seconds into his first song and after stomping on at least five computers, the staff cut off his music and his mic.

2012 being what it is, of course, the event has been captured on video.

The event was sponsored by hip-hop magazine The Source, and not by Microsoft, Microsoft has been quick to note. And a good thing, too. Windows 8 might have some image problems among gamers and game publishers, but having someone come in and smash the computers isn't the new direction most of us are particularly looking for.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Video — MGK Versus Microsoft? Rapper Says "F*ck These Computers" [AllHipHop via BuzzFeed]


    Understandable - the computers are worth more than the "rapper."

    Why would they pay for this guy to ruin their event?

    as much as i love to rag on MS, this dude is a douche. Mainstream entertainment, plus just jumping around on tables to try and look tough. MS really shouldve set up some designated stage or something though..

    1. Truly a brilliant example of Idiocracy becoming real life...

    2. Rapper? I thought he was having a tourettes fit...

    Silly rapper, he's putting the cart before the horse. You're supposed to get big BEFORE you act like a destructive megastar. If you act like that before you are a huge name you just ruin your rep.

    Machine Gun Kelly? Really? No one in their right mind, including the BATF would let this wanker near a firearm.

    in the states hes pretty successful least in that genre, but dick move on his part so much space to just dance around the computers

    Music sucks so bad. Why would get this tool involved in your products - beyond belief.

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