Return To New Vegas: The One Place You Just Had To Rob

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been getting my open-world RPG fix with Fallout: New Vegas. Yesterday I talked about how to mod the game to look nice and pretty, and from here on in I'm going to share some things I've noticed while playing the game.

So here's a thing: The Silver Rush. I tend to play Fallout games as an energy weapon specialist. And energy weapons are scarce, especially in Fallout 3. I remember when I finally figured out that the Enclave had plasma weapons, I'd farm their locations just to have enough plasma rifles to keep mine repaired.

So in New Vegas, I was happy to find that energy weapons were easier to come across in the early goings than they had been in Fallout 3. But then… the Silver Rush happens. And it almost breaks the game.

This store, run by a shady organised crime family, is on a corner in Freeside. The minute I walked in, I thought the same thing that I bet every single other person who played this game thought: I am going to steal every mother-lovin thing in this store.

The inside of the Silver Rush is an orgy of energy weaponry. Laser rifles lie next to beautiful rows of microfusion cells and energy cells, plasma pistols lie next to a plasma defender (!) a tri-beam laser rifle (!!) and a massive, all-destroying plasma caster (!!!). There are enough plasma grenades, pulse mines, and other weaponry to equip an army. And thanks to Bethesda's notoriously weird sneaking system, you can steal it all.

It's so easy. You just walk up to the table and crouch. At some point, you'll become "hidden," and then you can just… grab every single thing on the table. This happened the first time I played New Vegas, and this time around, I was waiting for it. I walked out of Silver Rush with enough plasma weaponry to last me the entire rest of the game. I even sold back some of the stuff I sold to get some mods for my weapons.

Was this on purpose? Did Obsidian intend for energy weapon players to find a ridiculous explosion of armaments to use? We may never know. All I know is that there's no way I'm the only one who robbed the Silver Rush blind. So come on, fess up. It's OK, you're in good company.


    "The minute I walked in, I thought the same thing that I bet every single other person who played this game thought: I am going to steal every mother-lovin thing in this store."

    Truer words have never been spoken

    And then you realize the energy weapons are pretty much the same as regular weapons unless you specialize in them. :P but I admit, later on in the game, I loved my tesla cannon. Not sure how strong it was compared to other weapons, but hey. Long as people 'spode in the end. Or disintegrate, in this case.

    I seem to remember everyone in the store turning on me and trying to kill me every time I tried to steal something, even if I was listed as hidden. It's been a while since I played the game though so I may be remembering wrong.

      this! i would get away with it until i got close to the door or someone and then they'd just blast me to the stars! I saved the game and re-loaded, trying to take out everyone and just kill the lot of them and steal it.. got so close at times but because you aren't that high of a level the first time you get to the store its hard... the thing that annoyed me the most was it had stuff on the bench i wanted but when you went to see the items for sale it wasn't listed!! That was the biggest tease of it all. Glad someone managed to steal it and get away with it.

    I didn't sneak, I went in there with my Robot pal and killed EVERYONE. It was a fire-fight to behold. We all have our ways.


      Thats exactly what I did too - and yep, it was an awesome firefight. Well worth it :)

      I did something similar, though it wasn't much of a firefight as I was running around with a stealthboy and an anti-material rifle. Head shots all around.

    Smalls guns FTW, also if you put points into luck like a score of 9 or 10 virtually every hit is a critical and you win the gambling games 9/10 times.You can clean out the three casino's in a few minutes and have like fifty grand and not have to resort to stealing.

      I did wonder how much an effect Luck would have, and maybe next time I'll go this way.

        crit chance is directly proportional to your luck, but also varies wildly depending on what weapon you're using. For example, even with 10 luck and every boost your crit rate with a SMG will be atrocious.

    My thought was more along the lines of "I would love to steal everything in this store, but then I'd lose Karma"

    I did end up killing everyone at some stage though, can't remember if it was for a quest or on a whim. I know it wasn't for Cass's quest though.

    am i the only one who just murdered the hell out of entire stores and towns and casinos?

    as soon as ive done all the quests for a particular area, everyone there got super murdered and thieved

    I killed everyone but didn't steal shit because I don't use guns and will punch down the entire wasteland. The Van Graffs, Brotherhood and Ceasar himself have all been punched into dust by my fists of fury.

    Considering there's a quest that requires you to either give up Cassidy Rose to be slaughtered or kill the Van Graffs later on in the game, yeah I robbed the hell outta that store. Never sneakily. Nope, I waltzed in, killed everyone, then loaded my pockets with everything I could find before creeping at a snail's pace to the nearest place I could sell everything I didn't plan to use.

    I was sneaky in there but not about stealing. I just placed some live grenades in people's pockets and my guns do the rest.

    I once went in there with the express purpose of looting the place. I got out my trusty .357 Revolver, and somehow managed to stealth kill all but one of them, and even then, he kept firing at me through a wall. I grabbed everything and ran (well, hobbled, because I was 200 over the weight limit) outta there. It took me about 10 minutes to hobble to the Gun Runners to sell it all, and even then, the robot whom I call Jim ran out of caps. Then I threw the rest of it into my Lucky 38 suite. I may be a bit of a hoarder.

    It was fun, and they weren't the only ones to die, I killed everything I could see anywhere and went looking for more .....

    I just grabbed the items (not picked up - grabbed them in front of me). Walked into the bathrooms where the guards couldnt see me. Dropped the item, crouched and then added it to my inventory. FOOLPROOF. Good thing they only search you on the way in.

    I wasn't sneaky but still robbed them blind without being caught I just picked up every weapon and put it in the bathroom at the back of the store scooped it all up and sold it back to them

    how could i say no to the plasma caster? i would have to be crazy of a melee nut not to rob them blind!

    Exactly @Allan. You just need to drag them one by one to the bathroom, this shop is where I learned to do it ha. Silver Rush is probably the sole reason I'm at about 80 Energy weapons whereas at the start I had nothing on it. Don't feel bad about killing them there's a quest for The Brotherhood where they want you to do it anyway :P

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