Some Nifty Ways To Drive Your Xbox 360 Using Microsoft Smartglass

Some Nifty Ways To Drive Your Xbox 360 Using Microsoft Smartglass

The first Microsoft SmartGlass app is released this Friday, which means that, if you happen to have a Windows 8 tablet (not really that likely to be perfectly honest) you will be able to do all the pretty awesome stuff this slick fella in the above video is doing. Flipping between watching movies on your tablet to watching them using your Xbox 360, receiving info on your tablet as you watch, etc.

I’m quite interested in what this could mean for games in the future. Microsoft put together a pretty interesting demo during its E3 press conference showing the possibilities, but I’d like to see something more concrete. And I’d like to see Microsoft live up to its promise that SmartGlass will work across different tablets.

At the moment we literally have no idea when Microsoft will make the SmartGlass app available for iOS or Android driven mobile devices. I understand the business need to keep these things exclusive to Windows 8 driven-tech for the near future, but I want this stuff on my Nexus 7 sooner rather than later!


      • Be interesting to see if theres an app for the older win phone devices or if it will be part of 7.8 when it comes out (whenever that is)

      • From Engadget:
        “The date isn’t certain, but functionality will arrive on other platforms “soon” after the October 26 launch of Surface, Microsoft reps tell us. When it does, it’ll come in the form of an update to your existing, “My Xbox Live” mobile app (which also renames the app to, “Xbox SmartGlass”) or Games tab (per WP7.5), and it’ll be more or less identical with the Windows Phone version.”
        So I’d say it will be available for WP7 eventually. Probably when the 7.8 update comes out I’m guessing.

  • I really dunno how this would change how i play games. which is what i actually use my xbox for. guess they just want to get in on the things the wiiu plans to do

  • One browsing session shared across three screens, that’s the magic of smart glass. And it’s also the magic of google chrome which I’ve been using on my PC/iPhone/ipad for a while now.

    Show me something to do with gaming, tablet based inventory management or mini maps, not a gimped tv web browser.

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