Sony: PS Vita Success Is A 'Marathon, Not A Sprint'

The PlayStation Vita has struggled to gain traction since launch, but in an interview with Games Industry International Sony's John Koller expressed the belief that a stronger software line-up during this holiday period bodes well for the long term success of the device. According to Kollar it's a "marathon, not a sprint".

It's a similar message to the one conveyed when the PlayStation 3 struggled in its first couple of years. According to Kollar, a stacked line-up of PS Vita games, including Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, will help grow the install base of the handheld console.

"We think that content drives hardware, that content's king and that the game lineup this fall will drive platform adoption," explained Koller. "And we're pretty strong in that belief. If you look at a game like Assassin's Creed: Liberation that's coming, it's a fantastic game. Call of Duty is going to be a very strong game, particularly multi-player is going to be fantastic. It's something you don't see on a dedicated handheld device or a mobile device, that console quality gaming opportunity. So we're big believers in Vita this holiday and beyond."

Koller claimed that retail was also enthusiastic about the PS Vita, and was keen to support it.

"When you talk to retailers or publishers, they are equally looking forward to this holiday for Vita because they're saying, "This is the time. This is what we've matched our marketing resources for and this is what we've kind of had in our back pocket from a content standpoint for some time." And it's not just those two games. If you look at PlayStation All-Stars and Need for Speed and some of these other great games that are going to be launching, there is good content for both owners and intenders alike. So I think this is going to be a good holiday for Vita."

Sony on PS3: "It's not what you buy, it's what you're buying into" [Games Industry International]


    Also the GI report that Rockstar are actively developing several Vita games is a nice glow on the horizon.

    Bought one yesterday. Very impressed.

      Expect to run out of games in about a month. Oh, wait. Persona 4. Your timing couldn't have been more perfect.

        Disigea 3 + Blazblue take ages to complete, so doubtful he will run out of games to play in a month

          Fired up Fifa and Little Big Planet which hopefully will keep me going for a spell too. Oh, and Blood Omen: Lagacy of Kain!

            Don't forget Gravity Rush. There's also Ragnarok Odyssey pretty soon as well.

            The whole 'Vita has no games' thing isn't really accurate.

              What about Uncharted GA - Thats an exception game!! Motor Storm RC is incredible and sooooo addictive and then NFS MOst Wanted2 on Thrusday!! Unit 13 (yer I know the studio is gone) is also really rewarding too!!!

    I think they're going the wrong way with it as far as games go. I want compelling and unique experiences on my handheld, not the ability to play lower-fidelity ports of my console games. AC Liberation is fine, but stuff like Playstation All Stars just doesn't do it for me. If I got a copy of that I'd only ever play it on console.

    The elephant in the room is still the lack of a Monster Hunter game for the Japanese market. If they had that then sales there would stabilize and have a knock-on effect of making most of the publishers more confident in committing to the system.

      I was of that opinion at first, at least in regards to PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, but after playing the Beta for it, I actually came around on it and found myself playing a fair bit of the Vita version. I already plan on buying the PS3 version, and since they're doing the Cross-Buy deal then I can see myself playing a fair bit of it on the Vita.

      I was down on Cross Play as a whole but it was both MGS3 and Sound Shapes that kind of turned me around on the idea...I travel an hour to and from work everyday and within those hourly commutes, I found myself playing a ton of MGS 3 and Sound Shapes, then I'd get home and sync it up and go straight back to it on the PS3 and that was actually what won me over on the whole cross play

      For me, I've come around on the Cross Play thing...I don't want it to be the dominating factor for the Vita, I still think the Vita needs its own software and needs more games like LBP Vita and Assassins Creed 3 Liberation...I still think it needs those games built from the ground up for the Vita...but I'm surprised just how much I did come around to Cross Play

      I keep saying, give me a 100 hour RPG that I can share between both PS3 and PSVita and that's even more of a compelling arguement to why I think Cross Play has value

        I don't disagree, the cross play thing is very cool. I was meaning my statement more in terms of using it as a selling point for the system. I'd argue it's more of a perk. Being able to cross-play is great if you already own both systems, but I think it's not a compelling reason to buy the systems to access. Maybe it could be with the right game though? I like your idea of a big RPG with cross play. In fact, that sounds a heck of a lot like what Nintendo have been talking about regarding Monster Hunter on Wii U and 3DS...

      Problem isn't Japan, but no developer is currently interested in developing for it. When sales of the console are slower than the Dreamcast you have to wonder why? Well, actually we don't - the Dreamcast failed miserably at delivering games (especially here in Aus where there was a year wait on some games).

      I doubt there is going to be a MH game announced anytime soon for the Vita - if at all. We have MH3U coming to the 3DS and also MH4 announced for the 3DS as being in development for a long time. And I would expect if MH3U does well across the WiiU/3DS they may even port that to the WiiU too. If they decided to release a MH game on Vita, I doubt MH alone can save the Vita - it might help in Japan but its not going to save it.

      Its a shame. The Vita on all accounts seems to be solid hardware, to me its just a lack of unique software and also a lack of available software. And as you said, the solution isn't to give me a portable version of a game I already own on a console, as im not going to buy it again.

        The Dreamcast didn't fail at delivering games, it had some absolutely fantastic ones. It failed at delivering hype and failed at marketing.

          I think OzHuski was more referring to the wait between titles, rather than the quality of them (nobody can argue the the Dreamcast didn't have some exceptional games). There were some huge waits between releases elsewhere in the world and Australia for Dreamcast, and there arguably seems to be fairly large waits inbetween unique titles for the Vita. There are some quality titles on the horizon, but that doesn't help anyone who needs something unique to play now, or those looking to justify a purchase of the system.

      I agree.
      i love my vita hardware and want more polished, UNIQUE Vita games!
      I love Lumines and always have since the psp, but other standouts for me would be Gravity Rush & Soundshapes.
      I don't want console ports (kill zone, cod etc -I'd rather play on the big screen at home) and I think some vita owners may have purchased a port or two because they were desperate for some new games, falsely giving the impression we want more ports?
      I think classic arcade games like Daytona, Sega Rally, Scud Race, Xmen, Final Fight, Rtype, etc would be fantastic as cheapish download titles -I'm kinda surprised there's not more of this stuff , even on the 3ds. The iOS machines are getting a fair few of them but they really need dpads/nubs - isn't it a no brainer?
      C'mon Sony and Nintendo!!

    I love my Vita, looking forward to seeing what titles come out next year.

    I honestly like the PS Vita as a be honest, I've played more on my Vita this year then I have my 3DS....granted I got sucked into the addictiveness that was Hatsune Miku Project Diva [f]...but yeah, I've played more on my Vita then I have on my 3DS this year...

    I really like the system and I'm hoping that next year will bring good things for it...

    Want Vita to be successful? Start bring over those hundreds of exclusive japanese games over and you will see Vita sales improve 1000%

    Sales have been horrible, but I don't see Sony throwing in the towel anytime soon, the device still isn't a full year old at the moment.

    Picked it up Day 1 and haven't regretted the purchase at all. If Sony pulled the pin tomorrow, it would be sad, but there wouldn'y be any buyer remorse.

    Personally, I'm still plugging away at all the games I've picked up for it and I've never thought the Vita "has no games". The back end of the year starting with AC:L is just going to compound a very diverse selection of games for the users out there.

      Bought mine day 2. Loved it. I found myself playing my vita instead of turning on the 360.

    In before Nov. 1st price drop.

    The problem isn't games, the problem is need. Yes, there are people who use it for long commutes, etc, and the odd person who'll use it while their girlfriend loses brain cells watching Bachelor Pad or something, but by and large these people are exceptions. Tablet / mobile gaming will fill the need for gaming on the go for most people, and that won't change no matter how many compelling titles are released. As much as I want Vita to succeed, I really think Sony have overestimated the market for this thing - a market which I feel has, unfortunately, been relegated to "the niche".

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