The Most Insane Head-To-Head PS Vita And 3DS Battery Test

I've tested battery life. Usually, I play some, write down how long I play, take a break, and comeback. Not this dude.

YouTube user Kurekureyon filmed himself playing the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS non-stop. Only occasionally does his hand leave the frame for what, I'm assuming, is bathroom breaks — or coming up for gasps of air.

Above the PS Vita and the 3DS is a timer so you can see exactly how long each system's battery life lasted.

The PS Vita had its wireless set to flight mode, brightness at minimum and volume muted. The 3DS had its wireless switched off, brightness set to one, power-saving mode on, volume at minimum and the 3D effect off.

Granted, the test lasted around four-to-five hours for each handheld — hardly impressive by marathon gaming standards. That is, until you consider that Kurekureyon was doing time trials racing game in F1 2011. The same circuit. For over four hours. Round and round and round. Madness.

PSVita vs 3DS バッテリー駆動時間検証 Battery Life Test Part2 [YouTube]


    Interesting that Bashcraft doesn't mention that his beloved Vita got almost an hour less playtime.

      Too busy posting articles about robots being made into little girls in short skirts presumably to mention that small detail

        As much as the article may be a waste of space, I was thoroughly amused

    I'd like to see them both on regular etc, with wireless still off.

    not surprise, psv is a much more powerful machine.
    On the other hand, 4 hour battery life with better performance is still quite a good achievement.

    4 hour battery life isnt too bad, thats about how long my laptop lasts if i play a game on it off charge (wireless turned off and brightness turned down).

    I noticed however at the end there were 5 comparisons, anyone able to enlighten me on what its says?

      Damn 4 hours, lucky to get 1 on mine.

    Ha, I didn't see the little 4 in the top since I skipped to the end.

    So when the Vita stopped at 4, and the 3DS kept going up through 30, I was like, "WHAT!? He played it for 30+ hours straight!? HOLY CRAP!"

    But then again, the NDSi would outlast the both of them...

    Pathetic. Both of them. If either of these idiots shoved some of their stupid gimmicks aside maybe they could fit another battery in there. Oh, sorry, then I wouldn't be able to never use motion controls anyway.

    Stupid garbage.

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