How Does The PS Vita's Battery Life Stack Up To The 3DS'?

According to Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS' battery gives players from three to eight hours of play. How does that compare to the PS Vita's battery?

Today, Sony revealed that the PS Vita will offer between three to five hours of gameplay. Sony noted that this does not include network play. This is the battery life with screen brightness at the default setting, no Bluetooth, and using headphones.

The PS Vita offers around five hours of video and approximately nine hours of music in stand-by mode.

"The duration may change depending on the brightness of the screen, what content being played and if the network (3G/Wi-Fi) feature is being used or not," wrote Sony in an official release.

The 3DS is able to squeak out eight hours of gameplay for Nintendo DS titles running on the minimal brightness setting.

While it takes 3.5 hours for the 3DS battery to fully charge, it takes two hours and 40 minutes for the PS Vita to charge from zero battery power. That's quicker than the 3DS, but it 3DS is able to knock out a few more hours of play.


    Ah well, with such power behind the hood it's understandable why the battery life is shorter. Won't deter me from getting one.

    Do I wait for another revision that's better, or get one on release... HMMMMMMMMMM.

      Battery tech won't get any better for a long time.

        9 sec charging Li-ion batteries of the future.

        True but the amount of power consumed by the next revision will be less which in turn leads to better battery life.

      Chances are any increase in battery life as it is with many smart phones. Will be from a software/firmware update that increases efficiency or does something like handle background processes differently so they use less power.

    It will be interesting to see the reaction to this - people were up in arms about the 3DS battery life, and the Vita's looks to be worse if anything.

    Perhaps people will be more forgiving given it's a more powerful console.

      They were up in arms because it was so much less than a ds's. This is comparable with a psp's so people should be fine

    3 - 5 hours or so without network turned on...

    So avg 4. Turn on your wireless?

    Experience with iPhones, other smart phones and many other wireless devices with batteries indicates you're honestly looking at around 2 hours. Yeesh.

    Part of the reason I was uninterested in the 3DS was poor battery life, so this is not helpful for me. I liked my DSL so much cuz I can easily get 10+ hours out of it, guess with all the extra hardware this is no longer possible.

    Don't really matter much. Im never gonna bring my Vita anywhere where there isn't a power source anyway, so meh.

    Blah-dee effin blah - I couldn't give a monkey's about battery life. They both give at least 3 hours of game playing, right.. That's enough for me...

    Considering I'll have my 3DS on me as well when travelling, I can just juggle between the two.

    Still, was expecting a bit more.

    I never use anything but the lowest screen brightness on my PSP, it's well beyond bright enough.

    The 'Default' setting is almost grotesquely bright.

    So...the internet was angry when the 3DS debuted at $250 with 3-5 hours of battery life. What's different with the Vita situation?

      The PSP was worse than the DS, that's the difference.

      Think of it in terms of foods.

      The DS was a great steak dinner, with drinks, sides and salad bar. Then the new 3DS menu sells just steak and chips.

      The PSP was Maccas. Fast, average food. Then they change the menu to remove large and medium chips and drinks. It was nothing great to begin with, so the drop down isn't as much.

      Maybe I should have gone with a 'falling from hights' metaphor instead of foods...

    the battery that runs of kinetic energy from you heart cant come any sooner really. Battery life is reaching laughable levels. PSV is reaching those laptops that cant surpass 2-3 hours, completly defeating the point of being a laptop.

    Wont stop me buying one. 275-300 including postage from the US, cant lose.

    I hope both nintendo and sony add shake charge tech to new battery revisions, the handheld are build to be in constant movement an this could improve the experience.

      Given the energy density of modern Li-ion batteries, you're going to be doing a *lot* of shaking to charge one.

        Oh, and to give you an idea, it's nearly as high as that of TNT.

          Mm, the more energy you put into a small form battery, the more it becomes like a bomb

    Try comparing numbers that mean something to each other. No, the 3DS isn't, if the Vita were at minimum brightness, then maybe you couold compare them, but you just said the 3DS had better battery life despite being tested in a completely different way. That's like saying "Well this guy was walking, and this guy was jogging at a good pace, and the walking guy lasted longer at his activity. He is in better shape, clearly." At least Sony gave honest numbers of the most likely way to use the thing.

    My interest in the PSVita was already low, now it's gone.

    With battery life this bad they should've been adding more batteries. But any space for them was taken up by the touch pads, weight censors, movement censors, cameras... Which not only waste space, but use up more battery life.

    They could've fit like 3 batteries into this thing if not for all the stupid gimmicks. I don't mind dumb gimmicky casual gameplay as long as it doesn't affect my own gameplay, and 4 hours' battery life pretty badly affects my own gameplay.

    Also MH was a big reason I bought the original PSP. That franchise is dead as far as I'm concerned so it's lost that too. One less sale, Sony. Things are looking dire for them.

    Well i cant beleave i have been holding out for this i am going to buy a 3ds today now.

    On the plus side, I'l pretty sure you can charge the Vita with a USB cable unlike the 3DS.

    I'm unable to charge my 3DS at work, but I can charge my PSP so that's better for my daily commute.

    Meh, if/when I get one it'd pretty much be for when the TV is in use - so long as I can plug & play without damaging the battery then it doesn't bother me how long it can last.

    lol thats not good to hear at all! I spend about 3hrs a day on the bus (I live in the sticks) and I don't really want it dying on me.

    I just can't decide whether to keep my 3DS or trade for one of these

    That really sucks, I think I'll wait for a revised model.
    or for it to be hacked I guess.

    I am sure Sony marketing droids are rounding these numbers up, so I suspect only 2 hours with network is closer to reality.
    Plus to use the network (PSN) you have to sign away your legal right to join a class action if Sony leak all your personal details, again.
    Goodbye Sony, its been fun, well hello Smartphone!

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