Steam Gives You Achievements For Creating Bugs In GameMaker

Steam is now selling non-game software, which means that, yes, non-game software can now get achievements.

This has the potential to be hilarious, and GameMaker: Studio is taking advantage of that. The game-making software offers 24 achievements, allowing you to earn virtual medals for racking up compiler errors and getting your game to run on Windows.

Here's the full list:

  • Run Windows
  • Runner
  • Open Preferences
  • Run HTML5
  • HELP!
  • Compiler error
  • 10 Runs
  • Empty Room
  • Searcher
  • New Object
  • Debugger
  • Android Verified
  • Run iOS
  • Run Android
  • Run Mac
  • 100 Runs
  • 10 Debugs
  • Mac Verified
  • 1,000 Compile errors
  • 1,000 Runs
  • 100 Debugs
  • 1,000 Debugs
  • 10 Compile errors
  • 100 Compile errors

Good luck racking up those errors!


    MS added an achievement system to Visual Studio about a year ago.

    This was based on a humorous blog post by a MS VIP, who from memory, suggested an achievement named something like "Bravest Programmer In The World", for starting a WCF Service project.

      Not to mention Ribbon Hero before that.

      I do agree with the WCF achievement though, having worked with it myself. However, if VS somehow in a weird reality did Objective C, *that* would deserve a bravest programmer in the world achievement.

        [[NSAgreement alloc] initAgreementWithAgreement:YES andStatement:@"Tru dat"];

        God I hate Objective-C

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