The First Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Pretty Damn Great

Next April, Iron Man 3 will hit theatres. Here's the movie's first trailer, which just hit. It looks...just wonderful.

Iron Man 3 opens in the U.S. on April 26.


    From the video thumbnail, I'm going to assume that Iron Man has successfully performed the fusion dance with Captain America.

    Well done, Captain Ironica.

      I haven't watched the video, and I don't know if I will because they tend to spoil all the jokes in these trailers, but that shoulder mounted gun makes me think it's War Machine.

        There are no jokes I assure you, it's a very dark trailer.

        That's meant to be the Iron Patriot suit. Whethere its Rhodey using it is another thing all together though..

        And judging by the guy w/ the rings it looks like Mandarin is the villain for this outing!

        It also seems to be a bit of a nod to the American Patriot armour that Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin) wore during the Dark Reign crossover event in the comics.

        I can also tell you that the trailer is completely joke-free. The focus is more on the action and the reveal of who the main villain is.

        *EDIT* That's what I get for commenting on a page I loaded hours ago. ^^

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      They like to cherry pick ideas and re-purpose them, so I think the rumour that it's Rhodey in that suit is probably true. He's still working for the govt. AFAIK, and they wouldn't want a dude called War Machine front and centre. Iron Patriot is a better PR sell.

        It is War Machine indeed. People got confused thinking it was Iron Patriot originally (and quite rightly) when a stuntman was on set and seen without the helmet on, but they repainted it into those colours because they wanted Warmachine to stand out more apparently? Go figure. Ironman 3 is following the Extremis storyline, where essentially Stark gets nanobots in his system and becomes fused mentally to his ironman suit, he can telepathically control it (sort of) and his satellite systems to control it more effectively, he becomes a much better Ironman from it. It was also the Extremis storyline which reinvented Ironman and brought him into the 21st century, removing him from 'Nam and placing him in Afghanistan as a weapons dealer ala the first Ironman movie (1st ironman movie got this idea from Extremis).

          Interesting.. just posted a few mins before your post popped in...

          That being said it looks like the main villain will be Mandarin for this outing - the 10 rings on that guy w/ the hood was a it of a give away

            Mandarin is in it, but Extremis is also one of the major plotpoints. At one of the parts of the movie, a plotpoint really not secret, Tony has to control 40+ suits of Ironman armour against the Mandarins forces, this is where the Extremis part comes into it.

              Oh AND there were signs of the Mandarin in 1 and 2. The bald guy in 1 was from the Ten Rings and in part 2, the guy who broke Mickey Rourke (whiplash) out of the cell was actually from the Ten Rings as well and not from Sam Rockwells company (unfortunately the explanation was in a deleted scene apparently but the info can be found online...)

          Iron Man is starting to go outside the realm of plausibility -- though I guess Avengers went to a completely other level. That said, I was still hoping for the Iron Man films at least to keep a lid on it, so I'm hoping they don't do the whole "Iron Man armour stored inside Stark's bones", thing.

            If you believe not being reduced to human soup inside a high speed flying metal tank he invented in a cave with a box of scraps is plausible, then sure.

      yeah that looks crap.... they tried to fuse too many stories together in 1 movie, this will end up another green lantern movie, makes no sense and is full of cool effects and nothing else.

        ...And you're basing that off a 60 second trailer?

        Uh huh.

    How amazeballsingly seppo.

    Looks like complete destruction of characters, story and franchise to me.

      I sure do love it when people provide no context for their opinions!

        Agreed, I believe that all comment posts, tweets, and facebook updates should be referenced, and fact checked by at least twenty reputed offline sources. Otherwise, mockery shall follow!

          All he was asking for was for someone to clarify their opinion. There's a difference between saying 'this is shit' and 'this is shit because...'. One creates the option of a dialogue between people (which is pretty much the point of a commenting system), and the other comes off as complaining for the sake of it.

      I'm thinking the same thing, yet another evil iron man.

      I'm sure the movie will still be cool as shit though. (interpret that however you want)

    Contrary to what I gather is the popular opinion, I found Iron Man 2 to be a tremendous piece of shit, and I loved Iron Man 1. I hope we've got a solid outing instead of a dull affair filled with piteous drinking from both characters and me as a viewer.

    My prediction, Iron man pisses some people off (mandarin), they try to kill him and almost succeed(helicopters destroying Starks house), tony stark uses the opportunity to fake his death (hence Iron patriot ata funerally looking place), rebuilds his kit in some sort of snowy place and comes back to save the day.

    Oh yeah, + Extremis mods freaking out pepper

    HOLY SHIZZLEBIZZLES! When did Marvel learn from Nolan?! This thing looks not only amazing but a little more serious too, maybe a little (just a tinneewee bit) Dark Knight-ish! I'm as pumped as the guy who lined up for a new iPhone because of a headphone jack on the bottom! Bwuagh!

      Note- I meant a little like Nolan's films. I'm slamming my head on the keyboard right now, coz I meant to say it looked just a little bit like Nolan's films; the Dark Knight Trilogy, a little like Inception, you get the drift. Anywayz, I'll prob be seeing this whenst is out!

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