The Only Way To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Obviously fearing for the safety of himself and his loved ones, designer Sam Proctor has done the CDC's work for them and come up with this idea for a zombie apocalypse survival kit.

Small enough to stash somewhere handy, it contains only the bare essentials: a mask, access cards to safe zones, a flare gun and, most important of all, instructions, showing you how to do stuff like dress appropriately, get around the countryside and identify infected survivors.

Could probably have done with a small shovel or melee weapon of some kind, but the fact I'm looking at it that closely probably means I should stop looking at it.

CDC Outbreak Safety Kit [Behance, via ALBOTAS]


    Where is the shotgun?

    My vote is with a collapsable trench trowel, dig holes for poops, and split zed's melons

    A fold up shovel would be nice but dude I'm not gonna dig holes to take a crap I'm just gonna do it but no firearm?

    This is really cool that I've had two articles written about my project. Still, would have liked to have been told about it before hand. Anyway, the reason there is no weapon is because realistically the government would never hand out weapons to the public. I know we're talking about zombies here but I wanted to make it as realistic and believable as possible. Thanks for all the appreciation!

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