The Unfinished Swan Continues To Dazzle

I can't believe I missed this developer diary — especially since its one of my most anticipated games on the PSN service, The Unfinished Swan. But it's sort of been buried on the PlayStation YouTube channel. Come on guys — we want to hear more about this game!

This particular diary is about the game's production, which is really short-hand for a well put together look at all the elements that make The Unfinished Swan unique, it also does a great job of telling the story of how Sony discovered the project and decided to fund and help the Creative Direction Ian Dallas finish his game.

Great stuff. Can't wait to see more.


    I don't want to hear more about it. I've heard enough. All I want is for them to release it so I can buy it and play it. Until then I'm going to try to avoid seeing any more of it. I suspect it'll probably be quite short and I don't want to have seen most of what it has to offer before it even comes out.

    I agree, less is more when it comes to pre-exposure to highly anticipated games. I think it comes out pretty soon too; I can't wait!

    Uh, wow.
    I had some hands on with this at the EBEXPO and.... it was... bad. Imprecise controls, rigidly linear, lacked direction; it felt like it was designed to be an "art game" - something that tries to sell its lack of substance as "video games are art".

      Nooooo, don't tell me that!

        It's just one guy's opinion, so take it was a grain of salt.
        FWIW, I felt pretty much the same about Journey (over hyped "art game") - I feel that it didn't really gain anything from being a game instead of, say, a movie or novella. I was not engaged emotionally at any point - which seems to have been what I was supposed to experience. It rewarded exploration despite being linear, so it gets some points for that at least. Art direction and Sound is amazing. By comparison, Unfinished Swan was just messy.

        Anyway, don't let bitter and twisted me get you down.

    Ha ha, I'll try not to! With my self-imposed media blackout on Swan, I daresay I'll be finding out for myself anyway - but I sincerely hope your initial impressions are wrong!

    October 24th is the release... though 1 week earlier if you are with PS+, so that makes it next week!

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