Swoon At This New Unfinished Swan Trailer

Checking out The Unfinished Swan a few months back was genuinely one of my favourite gaming moments of 2012. At the time the folks involved with the game told me that what I had just seen was the tip of the iceberg, that The Unfinished Swan was more than just slapping paint on a blank canvas. Now, with this new trailer, we get to see a little more of what's possible in the game.

The Unfinished Swan is more than black and white. When I was initially told this I worries that would ruin the charm of the game, or mess with its cohesion, but after watching this trailer I feel completely reassured. The Unfinished Swan still has surprised up its sleeve and I can't wait to uncover them.


    as much as i like Sony's 1st party developer range of esoteric games they are, by that very description, are extraordinarily difficult and complex. I'm looking at you (that Escher style game, forgotten its name).

    Sure flower and dust aren't hard as so much as hard to understand. A little bit more meaning in them instead of showering us with a post modernestic its what you make it interpretation would be a little nicer.

    Little less Damon Lindelof and a bit more Arthur C Clarke. (fuck yeah lets have some 1st party developer games with a hard core sci-fi bent. You could make a dozen mini games out of a Clarke novel with just the suggest of a clarke universe behind them).

      Echochrome. Completely unplayable, unfortunately, despite how fantastic the concept was.

    My god this game looks so awesome! :D

    I can't wait for this. There's so much that's still unknown about the game but I don't mind, I'm sold on that art style alone.... And it looks even better with colour.

    So hope the execution is as good as the concept, that is, amazing!

    I want this game.
    nothing more to be said.

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