There's A Samurai Predator, And He Is Beautiful

Leaving arguments about canon at the door, get a look at this new Predator figure from Hot Toys, in which Japanese artists Takayuki Takeya (paint) and Yuji Oniki (sculpting) were tasked with coming up with their own take on the sci-fi legend.

The premise might be a little corny, sure, but the figure they've come up with is stunning.

Every little detail you see in these images is just as impressive in real life, perhaps even more so, because even the feel of the different elements is spot-on. His hair is a gross, rubbery tangle. The larger sword is actually made of metal. His garments are real, soft fabric, while his belts are likewise fashioned from real materials (and even have tiny little clasps).

Perhaps stealing the show, however, is that base, in which an Alien (yes, yes, canon, I know) has been sliced to pieces, half its head bubbling into the ground while the other half can be stuck disgustingly in the Predator's hands.

The samurai mask, while well-crafted, is perhaps a little too silly, but that's fine because the naked head underneath probably looks better unmasked anyway.

The Samurai Predator retails for $US360, and is available from Sideshow.


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