This Guy Had Time To Screencap Himself Breaking The Doodle Jump World Record

This Guy Had Time To Screencap Himself Breaking The Doodle Jump World Record

I’m a massive fan of Doodle Jump. When I first got my iPhone it was practically the only thing I did with my spare time. At my peak, I could just about crack 200,000. Pretty respectable I thought. But then the other day, I got a twitter message from the current Doodle Jump world record holder, AWPrince. Not only had he just beaten the Doodle Jump world record, he had the calm and the wherewithal to totally screencap himself whilst doing it!

The fact that he actually achieved this score is phenomenal. But thinking about taking a screenshot in what must have been a moment of intense concentration? Oh man, this guy is a golden god.

Well done dude, you have just beaten my own personal best 100 times over!


    • I don’t know if you’re being serious, but AWPrince already has the Doodle Jump world record. You can check it on the app itself. He has absolutely no motivation or need to fake anything.

  • I thought I was awesome at Angry Birds and couldn’t imagine anyone having a higher score than me. Then they rolled out GameCentre and it turned out I was barely in the top 50.

  • I remember thinking – I’m pretty F’ing good at Doodlejump. Then I worked out how long you have to play to break the record and realised there’s no way I can maintain fine motor movements for that long. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

    • It certainly is a marathon. Doodle Jump (DJ) is also a game that is not based on “Rhythm”. So many people fool themselves into thinking they are in a so-called rhythm when they play the game non-stop, but it is not a rhythm game. DJ is more about concentration, memorization and learning how to be patient, yet aggressive. I had the first two skills for most of my life, but the last one was very hard to learn. You have to know when to attack some sequences, and when to go with the flow.

      My wife handles the math side of things for me, but we figured out that 10 Million (a mark I’ve passed 6 times now) takes approximately 18 Hours and 40 Minutes. So 20 Million equates to a little over 37 Hours. That’s taken over 35 days to play, so I’m definitely a slow-player.

  • Yes, still going…over 20 Million now. I will post a video on YouTube tonight of me passing the mark. No hacks; that’s for the birds. I refuse to even associate with cheaters and hackers of this game, or any game. The only way you’ll ever be good at anything is learn to play it fair and square.

  • Jake – I just hold the bottom of the device flat to the ground, get on a platform that’s even and take a quick screen shot. I could just screen shot the pause screen, but it never looks as good that way.

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