Due on Steam in 2013, Apotheon is an indie action RPG by a small three-man team. Not only set in Ancient Greece, but sharing the period's art style as well, it'll include both a singleplayer campaign (with an "open world") along with multiplayer combat modes.

Apotheon [Official Site]


    Looks like Outland. Never finished that game.. but it was fun!

    the spelling of their name is sort of annoys me...
    as it should read Lrotyop

    I love this art style, I'll be picking this up at some stage.
    Assume it will play the same as capsized which is nothing outstanding but fun in small bursts

    Looks awesome, I can't believe no one has used this art style before. Also I was going to make a joke about not enough nudity, then BAM! Zeus dong!

    I love the style but the purple swooshy sword movements sort of don't fit into the scheme all that well...

    Reminds me of the awesome cutscenes in Rock of Ages.

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