This Weird, Bad Xbox Dating Game Is Brilliant To Play With Friends

I would never have enjoyed playing Don't Die Dateless, Dummy! if I had played it alone. And yet on Saturday, I stopped by the Revision3 offices in San Francisco to help keep them going on their 24-hour Extra Life charity drive. We played the game. And I enjoyed myself quite a bit.

The weirdly written dating game just one of those games that isn't "good" by any conventional measure, but is a blast if you play it with a group of friends. It's basically a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing where all the women have huge breasts and the main character is a mostly depressing shut-in who is determined to lose his virginity before 30, lest he… become a wizard. Because according to the game's mythology, that's what happens if you make it to 30 without having sex!

Anyway, if you want to watch a ridiculous reenactment the game, go ahead and watch this video of us playing it. (Don't say I didn't warn you-it's silly.) But honestly, the best way to experience Don't Die Dateless, Dummy! is to have a few friends over, pour some drinks, and play it together. It takes "So bad it's good" to a new, wizardly level. You can get it for $US3 on the Xbox Live indie channel.


    As a wizard, I can confirm this. So for anyone thats a huge fan of harry potter, this is how you transition from a muggle to our magical society.

    But since you're going to start learning magic so late in life, you have to go to the special TAFE for magic to master magic.

    Xbox live has a indie channel? I'm guessing this is EU/US only? The video is hilarious at least.

      It's NA only IIRC

      Though judging from all the articles over the years it was pretty much MS trying to do a 360 version of the app store and failing horribly xD

    If we had the Xbox live indie channel!

    'SAY IT IN CAPS'! that and the ending had me in stitches

    I might get an Xbox just to laugh my ass off while playing this game with my friends

    Hmmm, a choice between awesome magical powers, or some meaningless physical event which wreaks emotional havoc and may lead to future afflictions.

    Not much of a choice, is it. Lia, you're looking quite lovely tonight.

    If you create a US Xbox account, you can browse the Indie store and all of its hideous "box" art. A lot of them in this "win the virtual babe" vein. Or Minecraft clones. There are some hidden gems like B.U.T.T.O.N, but most of them are on Steam anyway.

    'Two Best Friends Play' also did this as well awhile ago, as well as other games on the Xbox indie section - was just as hilarious. Its probably my favorite video of they have done:

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