Watch The Designer Of XCOM Try To Sell It At A Game Store, Fail

Watch XCOM designer Jake Solomon try to sell his new strategy game to customers at a game store. It is not an easy sell. Even to people with Xboxes in their cars.


    "The next step for shooters" is kind of playing pretty fast and loose with the truth there, I'd say :P

    That said, I'd totally have bought it today if somebody in JB had tried to sell it to me when I was in there at lunchtime.

    That's been edited :p

    Lots of people know about X-Com

    Unfortunately he's selling to the CoD crowd. I'd fall at my knees, kiss his feet and thank him profusely for creating this game and personally selling it to me...

    Don't ask what I'd do if he GAVE it to me.

    The game, that is.

      I'm guessing it probably wouldn't require you to get off your knees... :P

    Maybe it would sell better if he was selling it to gamers and not dudebros.

    :D that was awesome!!

    And this game is fantastic, i already have it pre-ordered, i can't wait!!!!

    Oh and if he came to Australia i'd grab a plane ticket to any capital to buy an early copy of it. I WANTS IT NOW!!!! :D

    I really want this game, I'm a big fan of the original games.

    But that sales pitch was awful, the next step in shooters? Your remaking a game from the 90's it's not the next step. It's reviving a genre that got lost. But it's not a new step.

    I want this game, not sure about getting it on release as I'm still having a blast on Pandora. Melee Assassin FTW!

    This game looks like utter trash to me... and don't like how it popped up after the announcement of 2Ks' XCOM and has somehow stole the limelight. Cheap marketing ploy in my opinion.

    *2K actually is publishing both... still looks cheap and nasty, Unreal Engine 3 skinnerbox (not to be confused with what AAA devs can do with Unreal Engine 3).

    Last edited 16/10/12 1:37 pm

      It's getting the limelight mainly because (a) it's coming out soon and the other one isn't so they're spending the marketing dollars and (b) this is a real XCOM game i.e. turn-based strategy. The other looks to be a fairly generic shooter using the XCOM name.

      Well Thank you, Especially Informed Man. You have saved the village!

      I know it's ObviousTroll in disguise, but 2K's use of the XCOM name to try and sell a mediocre looking TPS is the cheap marketing ploy... in my opinion.

    I want this game, but I don't think ol' Jake could sell me on water in the desert. Listening to him makes me want it less.

    2:02 Whiteboy7thst!
    This cracked me up :)

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