Xbox Music Sounds Amazing (If You Use Microsoft Devices)

First announced back at E3, Microsoft today revealed the first serious details about its Xbox Music service, which will use the cloud to stream a music catalogue across platforms like the Xbox 360, PC and Windows 8 tablets.

It'll have around 30 million songs when it opens. It goes live on the Xbox 360 tomorrow, while Windows 8 devices (like the PC, tablets and phones) will gain access to it on October 26.

Importantly, like major competitors such as Spotify, it'll be free on Windows 8 and Windows RT. Unlimited offline access and the banishment of ads will cost you $US10 a month or $US100 a year.

You can read a ton more, including hands-on impressions, over on Gizmodo.

Xbox Music Hands On: The Perfect Music Service-If You Use Nothing But Microsoft Stuff [Gizmodo]


    "Quality-wise, streamed music is sent at 192 WMA, and purchased music at 256 MP3"
    No thanks, not interested.
    I have decent headphones/speakers, so i can easily hear the crappy quality of MP3.
    (i sound a bit like a elitist jerk... but it's true, MP3 quality is shockingly bad)

    I'd be interested if bought music was FLAC, and streamed was in AAC.

      Flac would consume shocking amounts of bandwidth. Both for users (problem for some) and Microsoft. Sure if it was a one time download, but not for streaming.

      Considering its been proven time and time again that mp3s generally at 192kbps are indistinguishable from higher bit rates I find it hard to believe.

      I personally can't hear the difference from 192 up. 128 sounds muted on my high end system while Flac is a waste of space as it doesnt provide anything a decent mp3 does (but have only a few albums in both formats to compare).

    My Xbox doesn't even have a headphone jack, so this seems useless.

    They already said an iOS and Droid app is in the works :/

    Plunkett doesn't need any of these devices. He has an USB for an butt :P

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