Black Ops II's Weapons, Broken Down Into Tiny Statistics

If you're about to settle in for 11 months of Black Ops II multiplayer, you'd do well to take this chart with you, as it shows just about everything you need to know about all the game's weapons.

Having spent four days doing nothing but shooting and recording data, pwnsweet and his brother can now tell you not only a gun's range and ammo capacity, but more important stuff like their damage spread and your movement speed while carrying it.

You can check out the chart in full detail below.

Black Ops 2 Weapons breakdown. Is it legit? [Hey, A Message Board, via PC Gamer]

You can check out pwnsweet's YouTube page here.


    I loved checking the weapons stats for BF3. But this, I just can't care about. I know someone will though!

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