Does The World Need This 3DS Product? Probably Not

Japan's CyberGadget is rolling out a "3DS dedicated" AR card holder. Sure, it only costs ¥500, and it can hold 120 AR cards, but I'm honestly thinking of one good reason why this product needed to be made. I'm also trying to think of the last time I used AR cards with my 3DS.

CYBER・ARカードホルダー(3DS用) [CyberGadget]


    I know lots of people that will need that. Please don't be a stereotype bashcraft

    Seriously? You use AR? I don't use mine at all, and I didn't even open the ones for PSVita. It's a cool concept, but the camera quality is so pathetic that it ruins any real 'immersion' that it claims to add. That and the games suck.

      Its not to be used :) its to collect. I have some friends that collected full collection of kingdom hearts and kid Icarus at cards but no place to store them

    What's the difference between this and a normal card binder? I'm not sure I really see why it's 3DS "dedicated"...

      I think the 3DS AR cards are actually smaller than a standard playing card.

    How about a ds/3ds game card folder? Storage for my large collection of games is currently limited to their boxes or to cases the size of the console that hold all of about 6 games. Not all of us are 12. Some of us collect this shit.

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