There Are Huge 3DS AR Cards. They Make Life-Sized Miis.

The 3DS uses small credit-card sized augmented reality (AR) cards for the title AR Games, but Nintendo is currently developing AR cards that are able to reproduce life-sized characters.

Here Nintendo president Satoru Iwata poses with his jumbo Mii. Japan's Club Nintendo members will get the chance to snag special "big" AR cards. Details will be revealed at a later date. [via]


    Does that mean that we could print our own enlarged AR cards and get a bigger result too? Perhaps an A4 version, instead of the regular sized one?

      I reckon you can get A1 printing for like $30 bucks at some places.

    You know, there's not much stopping people from just printing off their own "cards" on some large piece of paper. After all, didn't Nintendo release digital copies of the cards on their website?

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