Halo 4 Launching In Japan Is Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Japan has never been crazy about the Xbox 360, save for the few instances when it had exclusive role-playing games folks wanted to play. But generally speaking, it's been an uphill battle.

That being said, Halo 3 did okay! For a first-person shooter. On the Xbox 360. In Japan. Earlier this week, Halo 4 launched in Japan. And, it seems to have gone pretty much like you would think: Japanese gamers who are into Western games (they exist!) and who own the Xbox 360 (ditto!) bought it. The rub is that there aren't huge numbers of either.

But, like I said, Halo 3 did OK, everything considered. So maybe Halo 4 will too — again, taking everything into account.

Here are some of the in store displays for the game; photos courtesy of Akiba Blog:

A telling contrast can be found in the above picture, which was taken on the night of November 8. Next to the copies of Halo 4, there's a small sign that says that the 3DS game Animal Crossing, which launched on November 8, was sold out.


XBOX360用FPSゲーム Halo4発売 [Akiba Blog]


    If they put one of the Mechs on the front cover, I reckon it'll sell alot better.

      Yeah, just market it as metal gear solid with the obvious metal gear rip off. Would sell millions... until they all get returned

    15 years ago all a game had to do was have Konami, Capcom, Square or Nintendo printed on it's cover and my brain would automatically assume it was brilliant. Now Konami is 50/50, Capcom charges me to breathe, Square kicks me in the nuts every 3 years and Nintendo is still trying to sell me the same car with a new paint job.
    I never worshipped Western studio's like I did their Japanese counterparts, so when they spit on me it doesn't feel quite as bad.

    The day a FPS shoots to the top of Japanese charts the country will be afflicted by an epidemic of motion sickness.

    I used to like Japanese studios games better, however, since games have developed over the years, i've found Canadian and USA developers to provide much better gaming experiences and stories. About the only Japanese game i play now is the MGS series.

    To be fair, Animal Crossing: New Leaf or whatever its going to be called is going to be awesome.

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