Hotline Miami Is Getting A Sequel

Hotline Miami is another game I haven't found time to play yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about the super violent top down 'kill 'em up'. Now it's officially getting a sequel.

As revealed by Eurogamer, the game's creator, Jonatan Söderström had initially been working on a massive bout of DLC for the game, which has now been worked into proper sequel status.

"Working while listening to the sweet tunes of a preliminary Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack that we've put together during the weekend," Söderström tweeted, before confirming that the studio was working on the sequel and using some of the same musicians for the soundtrack.

As soon as we hear more details we'll let you know!

Hotline Miami sequel announced [Eurogamer]


    awesome... but he should really be fixing up the bugs for the first one... great game but there are some issues (even says so when u start the game)

      He's clarified this on Twitter:

      "Just want to make it clear that we're still working on fixing Hotline Miami, we haven't actually started working on anything new yet!"

    Game is awesome and was only 10 dollars, cheaper than most DLC. Haven't finished but there is something about knocking someone down using a door then picking up his bat and smashing his head in. But the katana :D, hopefully there is a option to play with the katana constantly.

      The tendency for the katana to get wedged in people's craniums, wasting precious seconds makes it a no go for me. I'm a golf-club man all the way.

    As much as i enjoy the shit outa this game, i've been banned by my missus, apparently it makes me to agro, its so fast paced and difficult, but man if it isnt fun... will need to finish it when the missus goes out so i can play the second once released.

    This game is incredibly fun. There's something about the music and the chaos you can unleash that you just keep playing again and again and again. It's some real old-school addictive gameplay and just a delight to play.

    Not entirely sure about a sequel. The ambiguous and nihilistic storyline is part of the appeal. If they get too much into the specifics, they may lose that to some degree.

    Gunna go ahead and ask if anyone played covert action, sword of the samurai and escape from eagles nest...
    Coz its very similar, personally I prefer the mechanics to sword of the samurai and Covert action... and they are over 20 years old...

    I do like this game though

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