Japanese Guy Creates Amazing 'Pop-Up LEGO', Blows Minds

Japanese LEGO builder Talapz specialises in two things: recreating famous Japanese structures in LEGO, and turning those brick recreations into pop-up books.

It's as if Talapz didn't think building was hard enough. He had to make things trickier.

Above, Talapz does a Todai-ji in LEGO — he even provides a how-to at the end, so get out a pen and paper if you want to build this yourself.

Back in 2009, Talapz got loads of internet fame after making a Kinkaku-ji LEGO pop-up. In the above gallery, you can see that video, which has been viewed over a million times.

Talapz's Channel [YouTube]


    that's so awesome. even the music's vibing!

    OK, that's a pretty darn amazing thing to see, completely with the figure INSIDE the structure. (Sigh, some people are just so creative.) Is there some sort of "LEGOCAD" program that he used to make the design drawings?

    Forget the finished product - those instructions are insane.

    Awesome stuff. Now lets apply these same principles to Japans game industry - creativity in design.

    Last edited 16/11/12 11:13 am

    Sounds like the soundtrack from a classic jrpg >.<
    This is sooo much more complex then I ever imagined i so thought it was basic hinges up until you see the instructions where they are completely designed manually.

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