The Legend Of Zelda Didn’t Make The LEGO Ideas’ Cut

The Legend Of Zelda Didn’t Make The LEGO Ideas’ Cut

Fans of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise and LEGO toys breathlessly waiting for the results of the LEGO Ideas Winter 2014 review results can exhale now — the results are in, and Link won’t be appearing in plastic brick form.

Wes Talbott’s submission to the LEGO Ideas (once CUUSOO) program did Zelda fans proud. It rightly garnered the 10,000 supporters custom projects on the site need in order to be considered for official release, and wound up one of the finalists, along with sets depicting scenes or objects from Sherlock, Back to the Future, Adventure Time and Macross.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite the hopes and dreams of crossover fans, the chance of a LEGO The Legend of Zelda project making it to production are incredibly slim. Despite being a perfect fit for LEGO, Nintendo’s cast their lot with the folks at K’nex. Until that agreement is done, I wouldn’t expect to see Nintendo properties in LEGO form.

So, which of those big-name properties won? None of them. Not even the sixth project, a celebration of Japanese architecture, made the cut. Instead, LEGO went with a project from the fall 2013 review, the Female Minifigure Set.

The Legend Of Zelda Didn't Make The LEGO Ideas' Cut

Fans desperate for more female representation in the LEGO world have won the day, tossing aside their pretty pink LEGO Friends toys and waiting for the newly-christened Research Institute set to arrive later this year.

In other LEGO Ideas news, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set that won the last round went on sale Sunday. More on that later.


  • Good choice lego, way to fuck yourselves from a business point of view. I am not saying that lego is only for boys but from a sale point they are definitely making something that won’t fly with a lot of their demographic.

          • BUT THEY AIN’T BARBIEZ!?!?!?!?

            All sexist jokes aside, I just don’t see the point from a business perspective the demographic will still be much larger in boys for a licensed product than for a bunch of very boring looking sets that the only theme they share is that they include female mini figs.

          • LEGO have been trying to crack the girls market for years, and if these are on the shelf in the same year as the LEGO movie they’ll sell

          • This. They’ve copped a fair bit of heat for the Friends series being too Barbie like, and misrepresenting female stereotypes. Female minifigs doing normal jobs? Hell yeah. I think that’s a great idea.

            And much better than another licence with more custom made bits that can never be used for anything else. Boring.

          • The girly Friends themes saved the company a few years back so there is a market for that type of thing. It was pretty easy to see this set was most likely to win.. A generic female minifigure set like this has far more general appeal than any licensed one, a persons perspective would have to be skewed to think otherwise. Take the generic city/town theme that has been going since the 70’s for example.. anyone in the world can relate to it rather than merely the fans of a video game.

          • except the problem would be these female minifig sets cant fit in to their existing licenses. How do you mix and match these into Lego CITY for example? At least the Friends range with lemonade stand etc can still fit side by side with the cafe/bikeshop for example.

    • there is already back to the future sets tho, so maybe they are looking at the boarder appeal im sure they have business models all worked out for this, plus no licensing fees for stuff womens lego set etc. Nintendo would have bleed lego dry of any money made out of there franchise

      • Pretty happy to see this win. I thought it looked cool and there aren’t enough female minifigs ImO.

        I mean I’m a little disappointed that the Macross kit probably won’t ever see its own set but frankly I like seeing more original stuff in the CUUSO (Ideas) range, like the Mars Rover, instead of franchise tie-ins… Although I really hope the Discworld sets end up becoming a real thing, heheh.

        Edit: Argh I didn’t mean to make this a reply. Although since I did I was kinda surprised to see another version of the Delorean in there. I’m guessing it was remote controlled or something? Seems to me that 1 kit of the Delorean is enough honestly 😛

  • So the one that won was from a previous seasons consideration and set to come out in August… I smell the influence of a familiar “ism” at work behind the scenes here.

    Btw, we can already count out the two Doctor Who sets from the next season of consideration. The license is already with another lego style company

  • Equality for little plastic people is all well and good, but the winning set is the most boring by a wide margin. Girl scientists, boy scientists–I don’t really care. There’s just no way this set is as cool as a Lego Macross mech, or that awesome Japanese Architecture, or any of the other options. Very disappointed.

  • These look really neat. It’s a pity Zelda didn’t get in to this set! She would have been a nice little compromise.

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