Pool Nation Launches On XBLA

Launching today on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points, Pool Nation features some of the prettiest balls I’ve ever seen. It deserves better than a cheap balls pun.


    Probably deserves better than a single sentence with no description on what this is or why we should be interested.

      It does!

    Hell yeah! We've come along way since Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker (my brother and I used play that game to death!). But on that note, why no Snooker? http://youtu.be/X4M680rKuR4

    Awesome. Time for a swim!!!
    WTF -Mastertronic??!! Wow.

    If I already have the quite good Bankshot 2, what makes this worth purchasing?

      So far as I can tell Bankshot 2 is a top down pool game and this is a great First Person Perspective Pool Game. And the graphics are OUTSTANDING!

      Oh and that game came out in 2005. You'd think 7 years later it would have something more to offer without even trying it out.

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