Reggie Fils Aime: 'Third Party Games Look Dramatically Better' On Wii U

It seems as though it's pretty difficult to get a precise handle on exactly how powerful the Wii U is compared to current gen systems. Comparisons between initial ports like Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II have not been favourable, but it's important to remember these are ports. Regardless of these comparisons, Reggie Fils-Aime has said, in an interview with CNN that third party games look "dramatically better" on Wii U.

When asked about the specs of the machine, and if they were comparable to current gen machines, Reggie replied...

The specs are quite different [compared to] the competitive systems, much more graphically intensive. If you do a side-by-side comparison you would actually see that third party games like Call of Duty look dramatically better on our system.

It wouldn't be stretching the imagination to state that future third party game might look better on the Wii U — but considering Black Ops II struggles to maintain the same frame rate on the Wii U compared to the 360 and PS3 versions, the above statement seems a little disingenuous.

Still, it's a good interview — and really good to see mainstream media outlets put together insightful interesting questions.

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    The specs are far different, no one knows for sure how exactly. So he's not 'wrong' there. The CPU/GPU make up, the RAM are all different yeah it's a new console.

    But let's not kid ourselves Reggie, Black Ops two might look in some parts or some ways 'better' on the Wii U but overall it's the same experience.

    Most of the launch games, ports are never going to look better than anything we'll see on the console in a couple of years.

    Smoke up ya bum.

      He never said it is a different experience. Just that it "looks dramatically better". And I certainly have no doubt about that since Wii U is the Generation 1.5 of HD console. If it looks worst then nintendo is in big big trouble lol.

      Zombie U looks great :)

    I didn't realise Reggie was the next Republican candidate. Maybe 20 years ago you can get away with saying what ever you wanted. These days the Internet sort of can be used to find the truth.


    Was watching Giant Bomb's Wii U live stream last weekend...Batman Arkham City had frame rate issues galore...Epic Mickey 2 CHUGGED at certain points in the frame rate...BLOPS 2 was pretty decent with its frame rate, but I didn't really see anything that stood out as looking drastically better then it's consoles brothers.

    What are you talking about Reggie? Everyone I've talked too has said Arkham City on the Wii U is NOT the version to play because of its awful frame rate problems.

    Not saying that will happen for every port and of course you have to take launch in consideration...but so far I haven't seen anything that looks drastically better on the Wii U by comparison

      Epic Mickey 2 looked awful on Wii U during that livestream. I was cringing whenever that framerate plummeted.

      According to Eurogamer the Wii U ver of Black ops 2 runs nearly 20fps slower than the Xbox version most the time... Its sad that Nintendo lie on national news...

    Well, I guess he's only got a small window for him to legitimately say that before anything else comes out.

    I wonder how long Nintendo have planned the Wii U's life-cycle for?

      Well they have a year's head start at least. The current consoles are going to stick around for a year or two while everyone transitions to the new hardware (PS3 + 360 combined is something on the order of 140 million people worldwide and developers will continue to make games for them) so I'd expect a lot of the time we'd see Wii U getting games too, provided the system sells and third party games sell on the system. Then probably you're looking at a slow wind-down. So four years?

      Maybe by then they'll have figured out that whole internet thing.

      4-5 years sounds about right, the Wii U launch is gonna be profitable from day one so its just driving sales from this point on.

    Pffft. Then how come all the images I see look exactly the same as their console counterparts, but with technical glitches and framerate issues like Batman and Darksiders 2? And before you say it's due to developers not being used to the hardware, these are BIG teams working on the ports, not a small team of two people making an indie game. If they're having problems porting, then the issue doesn't lie with them, especially when almost every single port has had problems.

      Well until this problem continues till well into its lifecycle it is easy to simply say its developers getting used to new hardware. Its just the way of console launches. After all those games were designed for the ps3 and 360 and then made for the Wii U, with developers having to add Wii U gamepad functionality. Its not just a straight port like it would be from 360 to ps3 or vice versa, they actually have to do something with gamepad. Whether the gamepad implementation is good or bad is another story. Developers had an extra thing on their plate this time round and they had to get it done by Wii U launch. Its not acceptable, but it is understandable.

      Besides Wii U is almost doing what at launch what the ps3 and 360 are doing at the end of their lifecycles, with the addition of new gamepad functionality.

    "seems a little indigenous."

    I don't normally do the grammar nazi thing but I think this is warranted...

    I believe the word you're looking for is simpler: "Dishonest" "disingenuine" (not actually a word as per se but making its way into the english language none the less) or flat out "A lie".

    Maybe Disingenuous?

      Haha, yeah. That's the main thing that stuck in my article after reading it too. @markserrels, you've been done in by your spell-checker, indigenous != disingenuous

      No he is correct. Nintendo representatives all come from the Ainu community in Japan. ;-)

      i've got another theory- he meant to type ingenious, but accidentally added a d and forgot the 2nd i.

      And he was typing ingenious because he got it mixed up with disingenuous

      I don't normally do the grammar Nazi thing...

      Can you correct someone else's writting while making up a word and using a phrase incorrectly? I've never heard of "as per se" before, I think Nazi should be capitalised, and "nonetheless" is one word, not 3.

      Sorry... :p

      I like Mark's articles, but a few minutes of proof reading would minimise these kind of mistakes. I'd like to say they are rare, but that they are not.

      Last edited 27/11/12 7:35 am

    Reggie stated, "If you do a side-by-side comparison you would actually see that third party games like Call of Duty look dramatically better on our system..."

    He then coughed into his hand, a cough that sounded like the phrase, "than they did on the Wii. "

    Sometimes he just says silly things like this. There's nothing so far on the Wii U graphically that puts it ahead of current consoles - although it does have 4 years of improvement left in it. With the gamepad it has something to separate it from the other consoles, but the concept is still in its infancy and there is so far no killer app that shows how the gamepad can make a difference.

    Last edited 26/11/12 3:40 pm

    Its been sixty years since Nintendo released a console?? WTF ????!

    In other news "Reggie Fils Aime arrested for being high on crack"

    seriously though... i can't stand that guy and the bullshit he says... even back in E3 interviews his answers were total cop outs and he did several politician dodges to various questions...

    that said... i'm still buying a Wii U on Friday... so he can line his pockets with gold or something...

    I watched that side-by-side comparison vid of BLOPS2 on GT. I finished the video not having a clue which was better - they looked slightly different but very hard to tell which was sharper.

    Statement sounds Koori? I iz confused yo

    "the above statement seems a bit indigenous"

    Funniest auto-correct related typo I've seen in a while. I'm just imagining Reggie with his indigenous statements. At least you weren't "ingenuous" ;)

    A storm in a brewin'. Scheadualed to hit the comment section right now!!

    People, keep in mind that he can't say it's "on par",what kind of exec would. What about how kinect was advertised? and in all fairness Wii U will blow the current consoles out of the water once games are built specifically for it.

    If you know about hardware, like I do, you will be happy with the power. If you don't know (please don't make shit up), you will be pleasently surprised.

    Quote me "This is just the beginning for Wii U",

    Indigenous to where exactly?

    This is Nintendo's biggest problem right now - they want credibility with 'core gamers', however they're constantly doing & saying things that are easily spotted as incorrect by anyone who considers themselves 'core'.

    Reggie has always been the least likable of all the big 3's reps. Jack Tretton is almost always doing a better job at PR.

    They did do a side-by-side comparison and found that third party games like Call of Duty look the same and play worse... : (

    Emphasise the unique points of the system, I'd play something like the most recent Myst game where you draw magic runes on the tablet to cast spells.

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