Shanko Shizz Is More Excited About GTA V Than You Are

The new Grand Theft Auto V trailer seems to have gone over pretty well. Fans are happy. Very happy. They're reciting a favourite line from it on Twitter. They're commenting with great passion on the YouTube page for the Stevie Wonder song that was used in the trailer ("GTA V BROUGHT ME HERE SO SUCK MY BALLZ I DON'T CARE").

The trailer has attracted about 1500 comments on Rockstar's own site. The people commenting there are pumped. Take "VProcurado", who writes: "THAT WAS AWESOME! WHERE CAN I PRE-ORDER THE NEXT TRAILER???" ("inFamous_DJT" sets V straight: "You can't pre-order a trailer").

As coarse as some of the f-yeah fist-pumping for the new trailer might be, there's something endearing about seeing people so excited about something that they can barely type a coherent thought. Minds are exploding. Fingers can't type fast enough.

This brings us to a Rockstar fan who goes by the name "Shanko Shizz" and praises this trailer in some extraordinary ways. You want to see some enthusiasm? Here it is in all-caps...

and in rhyme...

and once with the equivalent of a vigorous head nod...

I think Shanko Shizz is ready for GTA V.


    Give me a break. Why does this deserve an article? I love Kotaku AU, but we don't need link baited articles like this.

    What is this article even.....who the fuck is shenko shiz????

    Hmm, yea. This is either dripping in sarcasm and Tortilla is high-horsing it like The Lone Ranger; or he is genuinely in awe of people's enthusiasm for this game.

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