The Australian Kid Trying To Buy Black Ops II For $15,000

It's the strangest story of the day: a rogue schoolboy, haranguing all the major games retailers in the Melbourne area, in a desperate, futile attempt to buy an early copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The story begins with an Instagram. And an offer of $15,000. This young boy initially offered a staff member at EB Games, a ludicrous amount of money if she would hand over a copy of Black Ops II ahead of its release this Tuesday, November 13.

"No, you cannot give me $15000," read the post. "No, I will not follow your YouTube gaming videos to see how much of a professional you are. And no, I don't want to hang out and be bribed."


We contacted the EB staff member to ask her about her experiences, but after a brief discussion with her boss she decided not to comment.

However, the story goes deeper. Just over a month ago, the same boy, estimated to be 16 years old, called up the Airport West JB Hi-Fi with a similar request — this time for Assassin's Creed III.

"He's absolutely hilarious," said Courtney, a JB staffer who took the initial call in the games department. "He was like a used car salesman, telling me to check out his YouTube channel and stuff!

"He even offered me 300% of his YouTube profits," she laughed. "Then he called me a tight arse and hung up."

According to Courtney and other staff members who have been in contact with this strange character, he is roughly 16 years old and often turns up to a number of Melbourne game stores in his school uniform in an attempt to hustle early copies of whatever blockbuster game is close to release.

"This guy is seriously doing the rounds," said another JB Hi-Fi staff member, when we asked about $15,000 offer. "He only offered me $200 but he's been offering others up to $15,000.

"We repeatedly told him no, but he doesn't listen!"


    Is it wrong that I now want to check out his YouTube channel?

    But Guise! Seriously! My Youtubes has lots of subscribers! Just look for xX-Sniper–420-Xx!

      Check mah skeelz, dude!

    Believe me. I was just as shocked when I heard that news.


    Last edited 09/11/12 2:59 pm

    Suze? Lol

      AHAHAHAHA! "I'll give you $15000 in eb creditz, then you can buy all the new games and trade them in for even more creditz"

        Ahahaha his insite to wisdom and tight ladies shirts ;)

    I work for JB HiFi and have had this guy call up 3 times. It's a running joke in our store now. He is so hilariously desperate and just can't comprehend why we won't give him the game.

      Surely you need to agree to him one time, but give him a sealed case but inside is a disc of Rapala Fishing Frenzy or something? put TAHT reaction on your own YT channel. I'd watch.

      Make him show up with the money in a briefcase then beat him up, take money and game, run.

    Why not just accept and see if he has the money? Then if he does have the money beat him up and take the money and game.

    Instagram link doesn't work

      I think it's been deleted.

        Please follow this up!! Awesome stuff. I doubt he has $15k but maybe..... I demand an interview!!!!

    I feel bad considering it's Mark, but... story bro.

      Cool comment bro. I do agree though, this is a particularly cool story and I wish to hear more as news becomes available.

    $15 000. Man, for the sake of a day or two. Fifteen thousand dollars.

    The wrong people in this world have money.

      You really have to wonder what the point is. Even if they did agree to sell it to him early, who is he going to play against?! The single player campaign sure as hell wouldn't be worth $15k, I'll promise you that much.

        Not to mention the likelihood of getting his console permabanned.

        It's just pure weird

          If he runs a YouTube channel imagine what getting a game to play, record and upload before everyone else would do for his views. And if he gets paid for the channel then all the more reason to get exclusive content.

            Channels like Machinima usually get pre releases and do this sorta shit.

    I am worth a million Internet dollars, just look at my views in YouTube, this could all be yours for JUST one copy of black ops 2

    Those LP superstars man...

    Where is his youtube page?! I MUST SEE THIS!

      The day he called me I tried to find it but I couldn't ! I didn't search 'sick as CoD noob pwning' though.

    Lol! Let's beat him up and take his money! Hurr
    Let's beat the kid up lol!
    We'll keep the game too. The money and the game.

    After we beat him up!


    I'm tough.

      then we'll roll him up in a carpet and throw him of a bridge.*giggles like a japanese schoolgirl*

    It just had to be an arrogant teenager too, the kind of player we all avoid online...

      And COD to top it off!!!!

    Guys, he's obviously kidding and trollin' around

      He's reportedly putting a lot of effort in for someone who's just having a laugh. I doubt he has the cash, but somehow I suspect he's serious about obtaining the game early...

    I am offering this young man $50,000 cash to show his face via Kotaku and explain his mindset.

      Sounds like a great kickstarter idea! Also we need a photo so someone can hack his face onto all the enemy soldiers in COD.

    If he does have 15k - maybe EB should give him one and buy 15k worth of nintendo stuff - donate it to sick kids. Nintendo cures the sick!!!

    I dont know but I kinda see the point of what the kid is trying to do........correct me if i am wrong cause i dont play that many games but isnt 15,000 dollars gonna be a slice of the cake when he puts up first look detailed previews of the game much before popular game sites on his youtube channel and his blogs or whatever, he stands to make a lot on web traffic ads when people flock to it...doesnt he?

    I work for JB, too. Got a phone call from this kid about 2 weeks ago. I didn't realise he'd been calling around!

    What would be more lolz was if he was trying to buy it for PC, managed to get it and then got home and was hit by the steam lockout (although this guy sounds more like someone who would be playing on console)

    He's probably recorded all this on a camera and will post it on his YouTube channel as "Trolling" Game shop staff

    I also forgot to add that this kid told me he worked for JB about a year ago and read allllll of our terms and conditions in relations to breaking embargo, and apparently you can't actually get in trouble and there is no fine.. He says he has 6000 followers. You don't get YouTube monies til you have about a million pretty sure ! Maybe he will send me an imaginary cheque..

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