The Most Delicious JRPG Enemy There Ever Was

In Japan, Morinaga Milk Caramel has delighted sweet tooths for over a hundred years. Dragon Quest has delighted gamers for decades. And now, both come together in this yummy fan creation.

Twitter user Cencho recreated DQ enemy Golem using the soft candy. Below is an image after the Golem has been defeated — and devoured.

Since Golem is made from brown clay bricks, the block shaped caramel-colored candy made a perfect building material — and a tasty one, too.

森永ミルクキャラメルでゴーレム作ってみた [dqx_xpb]

ゴーレムを倒した後は美味しくいただきました [dqx_xpb]

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    Can't wait to read about how someone dropped a turd that looks like a goomba.


      As someone who helps Japanese friends try and understand the difference between "l" and "r" on a near-daily basis, I laughed heartily. (Fly/Fry and Fright/Flight are particularly difficult; and "Koara" is as common as it is hilarious)

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