Valve Was Once Making A "Space Pirate" Game

Whispers of the project have been doing the rounds for a while now, but last week Valve boss Gabe Newell gave the first confirmation that, yes, his studio had at one point been making a space game with the initials "SoB".

Where theories on what that meant ranged from "Stars of Barathrum" to the more obvious "Son of a Bitch", Newell says the game was code-named "Stars of Blood", and while describing it as an "internal project", says it was a "space pirate game". Oh, he also says it "never saw the light of day".

Well, except for the concept art you'll see below, courtesy of former Valve artist Peter König.

I hear the words "space pirate" and I think Privateer. Then I think of Valve making a game like that, hear they're not making it anymore, and I get really sad.

Valve SOB Project Was Called 'Stars of Blood' [Valvetime]


    Cowboy Bebop! Haha, sonofabitch, that's a good one.

    It makes me so sad to hear they cancelled a game like this. There aren't nearly enough good space pirate games.

    this would have been epic... I'm picturing Firfely, the video game... its amazing,

    sadly my imagination != reality

    I heard it was gonna be an mmo like eve. But i guess we will never get to find out :-(

    At least we still have Squadron 42/Star Citizen

      Not providing a link for the uninitiated, for shame:P


    I can hold my breath for 10 minutes

      But even that won't save you in the cold dark vacuum of space!

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