Watch Mass Effect 3: Omega Right Here

BioWare livestreamed some of the upcoming Mass Effect 3 downloadable expansion, Omega at 1pm ET today (5am AEDT). You can watch it in the player embedded below.

While you're getting ready, here a few details about it that you might want to know:

  1. It's a singleplayer adventure
  2. It will be accessible to anyone who has gotten past the Palavin's Moon mission.
  3. It involves trying to liberate the Omega station from Cerberus forces.
  4. The player controls Shepard but cannot being along any of their regular ally characters.
  5. Instead, they'll team with Omega's boss, the ruthless Aria T'Loak, and a mysterious female Turian insurgent who has some sort of history with Aria and seems to have more of a conscience.
  6. It has a lot of combat but will also include some decision-making, according to a BioWare producer who chatted with us about the DLC.
  7. And it won't be Mass Effect 3's final single-player DLC, despite that "Omega" name.

Omega will be out on November 27/28 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. $US15. No word on if, how or when it will come to Wii U.

Here's the stream...


    As a big fan of Aria and Omega I'm very excited for this DLC.

    Holy crap! Female Turian!? YEAH! I always wanted to see what they looked like.

    However, I wished you could bring your companions along; they're probably going to make some excuse like Aria doesn't trust anyone else in your group, so only you can go, etc like in the mass effect 2 dlcs.

      I have a feeling that the Female Turian will be wearing full body armour :(

        dont be so sure, this is a bioware game afterall

          Nope. You are right and I was wrong:

            Now that is awesome. May just have to shell out for this DLC despite my stance on waiting for a complete compiled ME trilogy.

    It has taken way too long for this to come out. I'm almost not even interested anymore.

    Wish I kept ME3, Wonder if it will stay on the map once you free it.

    So no two turian team? Dammit.

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