What's The Deal With This Ugly Pikachu?

Earlier this month, the fifth annual Wenzhou International Animation Festival was held in China. There were cosplayers, anime and truly frightening Pocket Monster statues.

These photos appeared on Taiwanese site CK101, and show how pleased at least one attendee was with the large Pokémon pieces.

The statues, which ranged from 2m to 4m tall, were on display in an area of the festival dubbed "Cartoon Paradise". It featured Chinese and foreign characters, and there were also Naruto, Ultraman and Avatar statues for people to not enjoy as well.

[阿宅愛新奇] 溫州動漫節好奇葩 簡直無法直視 [CK101 via]


    That picture will haunt my dreams forever...

    Pure horror o__o

    Was it for Halloween?

    The damage done after just two years of rare candy addiction....

      Dammit i want to give u upvotes but is blocked at work :(
      plus your only a guest :P

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    SCP-173 has escaped captivity. I repeat, SCP-173 has escaped activity. Use of lethal force temporarily permitted.

    Looks like one of David Lynch's Dune creatures (Third Stage Guild Navigator)

    The spice must flow...

      Without a word of a lie...I came here to say just that same thing Bob :)

      "We see plans within plans...."

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