What Do You Thinking Of A Talking Pikachu?

For fans of the Pokemon anime, Pikachu "tallking" has always been pika-pika noise. And the voice of Pikachu has been Ikue Otani. Yes, the Pokemon Dungeon games have the Pocket Monster talk to each other with in-game text. But this, this is just messed up.

The newest entry's latest teaser brings that to life with anime trailer that features full voice—and not Otani's. In the trailer, that's Rie Kugimiya bringing the gum-flapping Pikachu to life.

For more on talking Pokemon, the Bulbapedia has a great rundown.

釘宮理恵がゲーム版ピカチュウの声優にwwwwwww [キノ速]


    It's a rather interesting concept and considering that it looks like it's based in a pure pokemon world with no trainers or any other human involved in it, voice acted pokemon is really the only option.

    In one of the short films that was before one of the old movies (I forget which one) It featured an all pokemon cast with no humans, though they got the massage through with body language and voice tones, it would only work well for short films not entire episodes of a full series.

    "what do you thinking of a talking pikachu"

    thinking of grammar check using I am

    its not like pikachu wanted to help you or anything!

    Aww, I was hoping for a Mystery Dungeon anime, not just a game trailer.

      If this was an anime despite not watching Pokemon for 8 years I would be all over it!

    This is not Ash's Pikachu. Other Pikachu's have sounded slightly different in the anime previously.
    Still pretty messed up for them to talk.

      Of course not, it's female. Hence the love heart tip on the tail.

    Rie Kugimiya? Winning! :D

    This is what I think of Pikachu http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2011/11/medium_999eec79e77beef75ab7265177ca97ea.jpg

    can't watch video.... only static and the words "this video is private."!

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