A Human Sized Game Boy Color Made Out Of Cardboard? Sure, Why Not.

People make giant sized versions of things all the time. Okay, maybe not all the time, but we've seen coffee table sized NES controllers, there's a guy trying to build the entirety of Super Mario Bros. 1.1 out of LEGO. In short — we've seen things. A giant human sized Game Boy made out of cardboard? We haven't seen that. Until now.

I supposed if someone asked me to imagine a Game Boy Color made out of cardboard, I think I could do that. But to see it in front of me, in my face as a real thing? Yeah, that's crazy.

It was built by MaboroshiTira and it looks amazing. The detail is pretty incredible, I especially love the use of cardboard grooves to replicate the black borders around the screen. True genius!

Via Neatorama


    If I ever go to a BoxWars event, my outfit is sorted.

    What a stupid articl...THIS IS AMAZING AND WHERE CAN I BUY ONE?

    A giant human sized Game Boy? Yeah, looks about the right size for a giant human's hand-held. ^_- (Ain't English grand)

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