Nintendo Labo Packaging In The Wild

Nintendo Labo Packaging In The Wild

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Nintendo Labo display kits are starting to appear in Japanese retail shops. The boxes themselves are good sized, which isn’t that surprising if you’ve seen the cardboard Nintendo Labo sheets.

We Tried Nintendo Labo And Mostly Like It A Lot

In this video I quickly check out the Labo Variety pack's Motorbike, Piano and House experiences. I also try the Robot from the Robot Labo kit. The Robot is neat as a novelty but seems shallow. The House, however, was the showcase's best surprise.

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It’s up to you to fold the cardboard, not Nintendo! While the boxes are a decent size, they are not that thick.


  • great thing about Labo that I haven’t seen mentioned is that is comes with a programming language that lets you create your own programs and mess with some of the included games etc.
    That alone will make it a day one purchase for me, I’m already teaching the youngest one programming, but this will be a much more interesting way to do it.

  • Turns out there isnt anything in the Labo boxes. you just cut up the cardboard packaging and thank nintendo for the experience

  • I overheard some EB employees saying that they’re dreading the launch of Labo, because of all the questions and attempted returns at broken cardboard or how it may or may not be durable enough.

    Gotta feel for those in retail, they cop the flak.

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