Print Your Own Labo Parts

Print Your Own Labo Parts
Image: Logan Booker

Already destroyed the cardboard accessories from your Labo? That was fast, I’m impressed. Don’t worry, Nintendo have pdf copies of all of the Labo templates on their website so you can print out new ones.

Turning pizza boxes into video game accessories is a genius idea. It does have the one major downside of them being somewhat destructible. A downside that gets worse when you realise that the target audience is young children who are prone to breaking things.

Nintendo Labo: Australian Hands On

La-bow. Yes, like the opera La Bohème, just without the "eme" bit. Or a bow (the shooty kind). This is the first thing Joel, my guide, taught me at Nintendo's Labo workshop on Friday. Pitched within the Pumping Station of Melbourne's Scienceworks museum, the workshop promised to provide a close-up, visceral introduction to Nintendo's upcoming product line of cardboard contraptions. And I can say, without reservation, that I wasn't looking forward to it.

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Thankfully there’s a do-it-yourself solution for repairing and replacing the do-it-yourself game accessories. Nintendo have posted pdf version of all of the Labo templates on their Japanese website. Just print these on some appropriately sturdy material, add reflective stickers from the Nintendo Store and get back to pretending to be a robot.

These print and play pieces are not a way for people to cheap out on buying the retail version of Labo. Not yet. You still need the Labo software to play. This does open the door to easy second-hand sales and buying the software from the Nintendo eShop.



  • Ha! Good luck finding a printer that will print on something that thick and at the odd paper size then good luck cutting it all out including the little slits where things slot in and all the circle shapes.

    Also pretty sure if someone mass produced these to “help everyone save money” Nintendo will C&D them in an instant…

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