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The standard Nintendo Labo kits include designs such as robot arms, mini pianos and fishing rods, but some players have been able to use the raw materials to create other stuff, such as this steering wheel for a motorised wheelchair.

Over the weekend, Nintendo encouraged people to get even more creative with a contest for the most wild and ambitious creations. Yesterday, the company announced the winners.


It's a Saturday afternoon in Osaka. My two youngest sons are sitting at the kitchen table, pulling out sheets of cardboard to make Nintendo Labo. The older of the two, who is eight, is looking at the instructions, making sure he's got the folds just right. This all feels familiar.


Already destroyed the cardboard accessories from your Labo? That was fast, I'm impressed. Don't worry, Nintendo have pdf copies of all of the Labo templates on their website so you can print out new ones.


The first question you might have about Labo is: What's so special about a box of cardboard and some mini-games? And the first thing to understand about Labo is that what's actually in the box is only part of the appeal.