Epic Games President Mike Capps Retires

Epic Games President Mike Capps Retires

Epic Games president Mike Capps is stepping down from from his role as company president to take on a more advisory role, he announced today in a blog post on the Epic site. Capps cited his coming baby boy as a primary reason for the move.

This is the latest change in what looks to be a time of transition for Epic, who have seen the departure of influential designer Cliff Bleszinski and producer Rod Fergusson, the latter of whom departed earlier this year to go work on Bioshock Infinite at Irrational Games.

In today’s letter, Capps says he’ll remain involved at Epic.

I’ll continue to be available as a resource to Epic, to provide context or advice where I can. Whatever I can do to help in Epic’s success, I’m in! I’ve got great confidence in our executive team — VP of Development Paul Meegan is new to our Raleigh HQ, but we’ve worked with him for years, and I can only contemplate this retirement knowing that he and VP of Operations John Farnsworth can manage development better than I ever did.

Mike Capps Retiring to the Epic Board [Epic Games]


  • Cliff + Rod gone and now Mike is stepping down from his role; I don’t know if worried is the right word, but Epic does seem to be loosing some big names recently.

    I will be honest though, I haven’t really been as interested in their games since Gears2/3; so I am not really in the loop anymore as to other big names and/or talent at the company these days.

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