How You Can Play Game & Wario Just By Staring At The TV

Nintendo unveiled its latest party game, Game & Wario. In one of the games, five players can play, but four of them don't need controllers. At all. Just good eyes.

The game is called "Fruits". In it, the player with the GamePad is a thief, and picks up the four or so fruit (in the demo, it was apples). The player with the GamePad knows which character he is, but the other players, who don't have controllers, must stare at the TV to see which person in the crowd is the thief. They're the G-men.

The thief can even use manholes to "warp" around the town. Then, after the time is up, the G-men must pick the the thief out of a line-up.

Game & Wario has 16 games total, including one called "Gamer" in which you try to hide that you are gaming on the GamePad from your parents. Game & Wario will be out in the first part of next year, and it looks like it'll be another strong entry in the Wario series of party games.


    This actually looks like a horrible version of Wii Play, rather than the awesome Minigame collection the GBA/DS/Wii versions were :(

    Sounds a lot like that Spy Party game, I like the idea! (Come to think of it, Spy Party would be a great Wii U game too :P)

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