No Zelda LEGO, But You Are Getting Back To The Future LEGO

You asked for it, quite literally, and now you're getting it: a small, but charming set of Back to the Future LEGO. Picked as part of the company's Cusoo initiative, which rewards popular fan-made sets with the chance of becoming real products, next year we'll be getting...something.

The original plan from creator Masashi Togami was to release three sets, one based on the DeLorean as it appears in each of the three films, along with Marty and Doc minifigs doing the same. How much we actually get, though, is up to LEGO.

The BttF set was awarded the opportunity after it beat out three other finalists as part of Cusoo's latest review program. Sadly, two of those sets were based on games, namely Zelda (which we looked at earlier in the year) and EVE Online.

Interestingly, Togami actually works for Cusoo; while you could easily say his victory was the result of a conflict of interest, LEGO say he's donating all of the profits he would have received to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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