Rate This ‘Better’ Xbox 360 Controller, Made With Parts From An Old PlayStation Gamepad

Rate This ‘Better’ Xbox 360 Controller, Made With Parts From An Old PlayStation Gamepad

“This post is for true pro gamers”, the article warns, a photo of a sleek black and grey controller marking the start of your adventure into echelons of the elite. It’s true, though, that competitive gamers will seek any edge they can, even if that includes merging an Xbox controller with a PlayStation one, to create the One True Gamepad.

Despite the cheesy sentence prefacing it, I couldn’t help but be somewhat impressed by this “better” Xbox 360 controller mod over on Instructibles. Put together by user “picturebandit”, it details a reworked peripheral that should “help you WIN!” via the following upgrades:

  • rounded thumb sticks for better feel and grip
  • bump stops for less trigger action
  • textured body for better grip
  • blacked out buttons just because your [sic] a freaking pro!

The core parts of the modification involve restricting the trigger buttons so they depress only as far as needed and replacing the thumbsticks with those of an original PlayStation controller. The rest of the tutorial guides you through the process of cleaning and painting the controller to look, uh, sick as, and to improve the grip.

I wouldn’t mind building my own custom controller, unfortunately, I’d be more likely to drill through my hand or inhale the paint, fall unconscious and impale myself on a loose screw.

How about you guys? Do you think this altered gamepad would give you an edge? Even better — have you forged your own power peripheral?



A better xbox 360 controller (easy – medium difficulty) [Instructables]

Images: picturebandit


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