Remember Playmobil? Gameloft Refreshes Your Memory Tomorrow

I don't generally get past the LEGO aisle in Toys'R'Us, so Playmobil is nothing but a distant childhood memory to me. Were I to venture to the other side of the brick section, I would likely see something very similar to what Gameloft is releasing tomorrow with Playmobil Pirates for iOS and Android.

Create a pirate camp, manage your pirate crew, play mini-games and visit your friends. Playmobil is pretty much getting a treatment similar to what Gameloft has given its other toy properties, My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop, only this time I don't have to feel so bad playing it in public because hey, it's pirates. Pirates were cool a few years back, and I am an old man that can afford to be behind the times. Everybody wins. Well, I win, and that's everybody as far as I am concerned.

Playmobil Pirates will hit iTunes tomorrow, with an Android version following soon after.


    Damn that kid next door who had all the sets because his dad was rich!! Damn him to hell!
    All I had was 1 lousy pirate ship. Not even the biggest one! Bloody Playmobil!

    That's how I remember Playmobil ;)

    Fun to see it get some attention again

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