Tank! Tank! Tank! Makes A Little Kid Cry On Christmas Morning

Everyone, say hi to Reese. He got the thing he really, really wanted most for Christmas. And yes, it's Tank! Tank! Tank!, which was ... not exactly the best launch title for the Wii U.

When Reese's dad sent us this video, we first thought, "Well, wait, surely he's crying because Tank! Tank! Tank! is a clue that he and his brother are getting a Wii U, and that's why he's overjoyed." Nope. Reese is actually this happy because he's getting Tank! Tank! Tank!.

"We were on vacation in Disney World when we were hit with a particularly rainy day," Reese's father told us. "I brought them down to the resort's arcade, and they played Tank! Tank! Tank! for hours, literally. Reese and his brother are 7 and 5 so the ability to take photos of themselves in odd costumes, the bright colours and the rumbling of the arcade really got them hooked."

Reese's dad thinks that the crying might have been brought on by the totality of the video game bounty, which did, in fact, include a Christmas Day Wii U. "But to him the Wii U was merely a means to an end to play Tank! Tank! Tank!," he said. "It's not the best game in the world, but you can see how a young child would fall for something as whimsical as the game is."

As for dad, "Not sure if this was picked up in the video, my nervous tittering in the background was a guise to cover up the fact I was on the verge of tears." Ah, jeez, now I'm gonna cry.

Let it be known that the Tearjerker Video Games of 2012 are, in order, The Walking Dead and Tank! Tank! Tank!

YouTube video uploaded by egress99


    What's is with these spoilt little shits these days? I got one video game at Xmas and one at my birthday when i was a kid and if it wasn't the one I desperately wanted then I pretended that it was! Too many people have raised selfish asshole brats like these kids... It makes me scared for the future of this planet.

      You realise he is crying because he is happy right? He is being grateful, so kids of today may get more, but they are still thankful

        Yes I realise that because I'm not fkn retarded. Did u not see how they were acting? Especially when he opened lego Star Wars?

          He didn't realise that it was lego star wars at first, but when the dad told him, he was happier

      I don't get games at Christmas or my Bday, suck it up biatch!

      Yeah my mum got me shinobi on megadrive when I was a kid, didn't know wtf it was and wasn't too pumped but pretended I always wanted it. Turned out to be an awesome game.

      Yeah those kids might be a bit spoilt but that's society. I can't say I wouldn't do the same for my kids when I have some. I hope I can show some restraint and teach them the value of things... but isn't that harder than just buying them some games and feeling like a hero.

      Nice work breaking this entire family's life down based on one five minute scene from their lives. For all you know, this kid could be really good to his siblings and really well behaved. But because he cried happy when he got something he really wanted, he's somehow a spoiled shit?

        Hey! Not just this kids family, but an entire generation.

        There are plenty of good kids who would make our childhood Christmas present reactions look terrible. It's just that watching a kid genuinely be thankful for a pair of new socks doesn't lead to YouTube success. It doesn't hurt that you can watch a brat complaining about the wrong coloured Pokemon and feel superior. If there's anything wrong with these YouTube videos it's that they inspire the sort of cynicism seen in wolfpacsnakepit's response.
        It's Christmas, lighten up and go have some fun.

          Holy shit all I'm saying is those kids are old enough to know better. And no, I don't mean the crying over the game but the behavior throughout. Pushing, snatching, etc. My 18 month old nephew came over and gave me a hug after I gave him his present a couple of days ago on Christmas. If he can do it then these little turds can. It seems like running amuck and being disrespectful is the norm these days... I don't mean just this family but it seems to be everywhere lately. It's a shame is all.

            What? So you seriously think it's inappropriate for a kid to get a bit over excited on Christmas? They're having some fun and they're happy about it. What the hell is wrong bit a bit of bouncing around? Should every kid wake up on Christmas morning, which most kids their age think is a pretty magical time of year, sit there silently unwrapping their presents and just say, "yes, thankyou Daddy."? Christ, lighten up.

              *sigh* sure, why not?

                You're right kids are spoilt these days. I get it. Dunno how anyone else could deny it but there ya go.

      Sounds like your year really sucked. Hope things pick up for you later on.

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