Tell Us Dammit: How Are You Using Your TV?

Today I got sent a nifty little report on how TVs are being used, it has some pretty interesting statistics on how Television is being used nowadays, but what surprised me more than anything was how so little has actually changed. Personally, I use television sparingly and when I watch something it's either a DVD or something I've downloaded. How are you folks using your TVs?

The thing that blew my mind was this: 95% of all TV viewing is done traditionally, just sitting there watching TV. The only real change in habits is found with tablets. People tend to use tablets or smartphones whilst watching TVs, and that trend is set to increase.

I found this interesting, because it totally represents me! 60% of Australians aged 16+ tend to be glued to another computer screen whilst watching TV. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that a vast majority of you are with me on this one!

Anyway — what do you use your TV for, and how do you actually watch TV? Let us know in the comments below.


    I use mine primarily as a PS3 screen and a monitor for my laptop.

    I have also tablet/smartphoned while gaming- it's sometimes easier to just grab a phone during a cutscene and bash out a tweet rather than pause and tab out.

    I don't watch TV as it's mostly propaganda or bread and circuses... I watch DVD's for escapism and get my news online.

    Lately, I've been using it to watch The West Wing off of a portable hard drive and I tend to be on my laptop while doing that.

    I'm using mine to listen to the Ni no Kuni main menu theme (the music is fantastic. Get that demo now if you haven't already).

      Thanks for reminding me :)

      I have:



      Blu-Ray/surround sound - Speakers in TVs, despite how much you pay for the TV, almost always suck, this is a must have.

      ext. HDD for recording FTA programmes

      Wi-FI dongle to stream stuff from my NAS to my TV using DLNA

    Very rarely myself. In the lounge room it is sometimes on for my son to watch. The one in my man cave is only used for games and the one in the bedroom for DVD and Blu-Ray viewing.

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    I use my TV 100% for my XBOX 360, Wii(Recently boxed away), Wii U, PS3 I also play DVDs/BLURAYS on my PS3 on occasion I don't even have Foxtel/Australian broadcast TV hooked to it.

    I have a PC and various consoles plugged into my TV. I don't generally use it for watching TV though I have a TV card in my PC for the odd occasion I need it.

    I have two TVs actually.. the main one is hooked to my computer for watching Netflix mainly these days.. but used to use it for downloaded TV shows etc.. I've tried out Steam Big Picture and really like it also.. so might start using it for that when I get a hold of a new wireless controller for PC.

    As for the other TV, it is used traditionally with a PVR-enabled digital set-top box. My wife still likes to sit and watch TV in the usual way.. she actually likes the ads.. I personally hate them.. :)

    Mine is exclusively used as a monitor, media PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 only, haven't even got an antenna

    I use mine to stream videos from my PC in my bedroom to the living room via my ps3/modem, ps3 media sever is a neat little program, works wirelessly too. Various consoles, little actual TV watching.

    40% watching media (read: torrented TV shows) streamed from the PC either directly to the TV from the PC or via the XBox 360 video app, 40% console-based video gaming, 20% as a second monitor for the PC so my wife can browse the internet/Youtube/play games from the couch.

    The TV has it's own Youtube app but it's clunky to use, so we tend to avoid it nowadays.

    I'm usually on the PC while my wife plays on the Xbox or watches TV shows, unless it's something I want to watch as well. The downside if she wants to watch YouTube from the PC, I am stripped of my ability to choose - I'm watching youtube too.

    We never watch broadcast TV and got rid of Foxtel nearly a year ago.

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    Ps3- wii U - 360. I watch blu rays and dvds on ps3. I only watch foxsports on it really and walking dead etc on IQ. Rarely watch fta on it. I stream play tv - via psp -mainly cricket to big arse Sony CRT in the backyard. Where I also play retro games - mainly Mario kart 64 and house of the dead. Will probably move the wii out there.

    The only traditional live TV (and ads) that get watched are the F1 races. Plenty of ABC iView at other times. The TV is connected to an AppleTV, PS3 and XBox360. All of our family "TV" time tends to be downloaded US/UK dramas and sitcoms. The change this year has been from streaming via the Xbox, to streaming via the AppleTV (less power). We still pay for most movies on Apple TV or Xbox360, but the rental terms are a little ridiculous.

    Rarely for broadcast tv.
    Mostly DVDs or consoles. I'm currently in a PC phase, but my girlfriend has been playing through the mass effect games a few times.
    As for using tablets or smartphones when I'm using my tv, only when I'm annoyed that I can't think of a piece of trivia (such as an actor or voice actors history) and need to look it up now.

    I don't even have tv channels tuned into my TV. It's used strictly as a display.

    I use my tv as a bench press. I also occasionally tip it sideways and use it as a table for when I eat.

    I think the better question is what don't I have plugged into the TV

    As of right now, I have 4 different devices all occupying the HDMI ports

    Wii U
    Mac Mini bootcamping Windows 8 (my HTPC)
    Apple TV

    and a Wii plugged into the Component Input

    My XBOX 360 now shares space with my desktop computer

    Broadcast TV be free to air or even pay TV is a dying medium, they have lost anyone 25 or younger and are not likely to get them back.
    They will limp on for a while catering to the older demographic but will only last another 20-30 years or dramaticly change formats.
    Personally my TV only plays broadcast shows when I'm eating my dinner for 20 mins each day.

    This waiting until one of the Valve employees see that steam can work for movies and tv shows and make it happen so I can quit pirating which is currently the #1 best way for watching both TV and Movies (not games tho, steam is much better :D). I currently use my PC for all my entertainment so i I was to buy a TV it would be to act as a 3rd monitor to my PC which I would watch all my shows and movies off on a bigger screen.

    Currently I have a bunch of consoles and a laptop hooked into the TV.
    PS3, Wii, NES, PS2, SNES, N64, Dreamcast and Mega Drive.
    Laptop has XBMC on it and I use that for watching stuff. I rarely, if ever, watch regular TV these days.

    FTA and dvd/bluray from PS3, also Wii is connected. I have the wdtv hooked for shows/movies both USB and streaming from NAS.

    But yeah mobile in hand most of the time during sessions of couch sitting, unless gaming.

    My TV actually got used for TV quite a bit this week. Watched the Good Game season final on Tuesday, then yesterday I had some friends over for a party and they watched a bit of TV. Some Play School (yeah that happened) in the afternoon and then QI in the evening. There was quite a bit of Super Smash Bros Brawl and Tetris Party mixed in there as well. TV was probably on for about 5-6 hours yesterday.

    I use my TV for watching TV, playing a console game or watching DVDs/blu-rays.

    I've got both a TV and a computer in my room, so sometimes I play computer or browse the internet while watching TV.

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