Total War’s Studio Will Soon Be Making Warhammer Games

Total War’s Studio Will Soon Be Making Warhammer Games

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced today that the British development house, famous for its Total War strategy games on the PC, will be expanding to take on a number of Warhammer video games.

Sega says “a new high-calibre development team has been set up at Creative Assembly’s UK studio to work alongside the existing Total War, Alien IP and Mobile teams on the first Warhammer title in the deal”, which will apparently be out in 2013.

The Total War guys won’t be moving over to this; as stated, these games will be made by a new team within Creative Assembly (not the first time this has happened, obviously, given CA’s branching out to the afore-mentioned an Aliens game). There’s no word on what games these will be, or which platforms they’re destined for.

Note that these are Warhammer fantasy games; THQ still has the rights to Warhammer 40K.



  • Awww Total war 40k would be awesome it’d would fit battle much better than dawn of war ever did. The battles are ment to be massive in scale not squad based combat…….a man can dream though, a man can dream..

    • The Warhammer ones are also supposed to be massive – this is only going to be a good think. Chaos for the win!

    • Actually it would fit Warhammer fantasy much better as WH40K is essentially all skirmish units. That said … it’ll still be awesome.

  • As someone who still religously plays shogun and empire. This is awesome. lets bring in the same level of detail as the total war series in the sci-fi 40k universe!! Manage your tech worlds,.. massive ground assaults. YES!

    • Sadly this isn’t 40k, Its the original warhammer, THQ still owns the rights to 40k.
      But it still should be awesome!

  • This had better not detract from their focus on Total War, at least until they get a Medieval III out. My life will only be complete and allow me to die happy if that game gets released.

  • More Warhammer Fantasy! I’m always on board for that! Maybe now the Lizardmen can finally appear in a game.

    …Blood Bowl doesn’t count.

  • This sounds amazing but im going to have to stay abit reserved for now as much as i love the total war games and this is being made by the same company it won’t be made by the same team as they will keep working on total war games. WH40K will be a new team and who knows how well they will put the game together.


    When you break it down, Warhammer and Total War are basically the same thing but on different mediums. This is so perfect!

  • Hopefully it will be more interesting than Mark of Chaos/Battle March. I wanted to like them and their sieges and tactics but they just fell short of the feeling of the tabletop game. I think it was the exploration aspect and having to move several units around the map just to advance a plot.

  • There is no way in hell that Games Workshop will allow them to make Total War: Warhammer. Its too similar to the table top game and will detract from their sales.

    I expect some sort of smaller scale strategy game with a like a few RPG elements or something like that.

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