Valve's Next Game Is So Popular Nearly 200,000 People Are Playing It And It's Not Even Out Yet

Valve is pretty popular. So too are MOBA games like League of Legends. So I guess that explains why there's now over 150,000 people playing Valve's DOTA 2 at any given time before the game's even out.

As those without access are aware of, you can only get the game if you're invited, as Valve continues one of the longest and most public betas since Gmail. Sure, those invites aren't exactly hard to come by lately, but still, there's a big difference between something that's restricted and something that anyone can download at any time for free.

Under those conditions, the concurrent player base for DOTA 2 has now hit 180,000. That means there are 180,000 playing it at once.

Imagine how many will be playing when the game's actually out.

Dota 2 hits new high with 180k concurrent players [PC Gamer]


    One of my Steam friends has over 300 hours played on DOTA 2... :O

    I haven't been able to get into this myself, I never played a MOBA before and I don't have time for tutorials or a investing in the learning curve at the moment.

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      Yeah I've got around 400 hours, some of my friends have over 900 :/ haha

      If you have friends to play with it's ridiculous. You can't stop

      I'm on 600 hours..... :S
      Also... Appropriate name?! You came here on your illusory orb? :D

        Haha, I had to google that, I had no idea Puck was a DOTA 2 character :)

        It's actually my middle name IRL, parents were fans of A Midsummer Night's Dream...or Hockey, not sure now.

          I've currently clocked up.... 2500 hours! LOL

            Wait wat? Really? How long has the beta been out?

            That's over a full working year of playing! You could have earned a full years income in that time, or learned a language or instrument or something... I really do subscribe to the "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time" mentality... but DAMN, that's a lot of hours :D

    Jesus man, this scared the hell out of me.
    The only words I noticed in the title were "Valve's next game."

    Bloody DOTA 2 invites, I only have 4 friends on steam and I have received 8 gosh darn invites. I have 4 spare invites if anyone wants one.

      Could I get one, please?
      steam nick same as on here :)

        It seems that steam won't let me add you at this time, I will try again soon

      Wouldn't mind an invite if you still have a spare one

      also, would love one if it's avail :)

    Hey Gabe, if you add another '0' to that number you have the amount of people willing to throw alot of money at you to find out what happened to Gordon Freeman. Remember him?

    I love DOTA 2, but I am REALLY bad at it. Glad to hear it's going well!

    Game is stupidly addictive. 280 hours in and there is news of Australian servers coming early next year. Looks like I'll have to really start playing it then.

    DOTA 2 is great fun. The only problem I am having is given my remote location, of a tiny island in the middle of the pacific, means I am trying to play with around 700-1000ms pings (satellite internet). Makes it very hard. I am really hoping that once released as full version, you will be able to set up just local servers, aka L4D for example. Big funs but, that's for sure.

    Valve have done well. There's also going to be a server in Sydney in Jan 2013. So good news for us

    I only played it a few times. Found the games were taking forever compared to say LoL so it kinda put me off (I don't have the most gaming time tbh). Guess I was a wasted invite?

    Hahah i'm at 500 hours myself and about to go play it some more. So much damn fun.

    Would love an invite if anyone has spares :)

    The numbers are rather low right now, I was honestly wish the number was about 350,000 - 400,000 players but I think that the incomplete hero pool is partly to blame. The other reason I would put it down to the fact that original dota players don't wish to move over, similar to what happened with 1.6 and CSS. Which makes me sad because I think that valve has done a brilliant job on dota 2 and while I don't personally understand why you wouldn't make the swap I do think they are allowed to have that opinion and that it is no more valid than my own.

    Not going to play it any more than I have until the AU server comes online.
    The lag is waaaay too annoying.
    Its not horrifically bad but in a game that does require fairly quick reactions, the delay does give me the tom tits.

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