Zynga’s CoasterVille: A Complete Guide To The First 10 Quests

Zynga’s CoasterVille has finally launched on Facebook, an outlet for players to build the theme park of their dreams, complete with customisable roller coasters, plenty of attractions, stalls and much more. To help you get started, we’re here with a complete look at the game’s first 10 quests, along with some tips.

To start, you’ll be introduced to Kelly, a creative advisor that will serve as the game’s mascot. She’ll help you through the tutorial, which consists of building an attraction (the Hot Dog Cart), a bathroom, a roller coaster and more. From there, you’re on your own, but with us here … not really.

Give a Boost!
• Collect 50 Thrill Points by Boosting Attractions

Boosting an attraction means that you’re boosting its popularity among the guests in your park. You’ll be able to click on an attraction and then click on the Boost button to spend one energy and complete that task. Depending on the item, you’ll earn a different amount of Thrill Points by Boosting it. For instance, the Carousel gives you just 10 Thrill Points and the Roller Coaster gives off 40 Thrill Points. Completing this first quest gives you 80 coins.

Wanna Be Popular
• Raise your Park’s Popularity to 120

Each time you add an attraction to your park, its popularity rating increases. By the time you finish the tutorial, you’ll have 100 popularity points, so you’ll only need to build something that adds 20 or more points. A sound choice is the Bumper Cars, which cost just 200 coins and offer 20 popularity points when built.

Building items in CoasterVille requires energy, Goods and Thrill Points, which serves as a sort of secondary currency. If you choose to build the Bumper Cars to complete this quest, you’ll need to use 30 Goods and 100 Thrill Points to finish it off. You’ll receive another 80 coins for finishing this quest.

Money Maker
• Build A Business
• Collect Coins from a Business

The Businesses in this case are items like the Balloon Cart and Hot Dog Cart that you’ll be introduced to in the tutorial. The next business in the store is the Lemonade Cart, which costs 50 coins to purchase. It requires three energy, 20 Goods, and 100 Thrill Points to complete. Finishing this quest gives you yet another bundle of 80 coins.

Thrills and Spills
• Expand your Roller Coaster to 3 Segments
• Paint the Roller Coaster
• Boost the Comet Coaster 1 Time

In CoasterVille, roller coasters are built piece by piece, so that you can customise each piece as you go with hills, loops and other additions. You can also control the turns that the track takes based on where you place your next part. Based on how you built the first two sections during the game’s tutorial, this coaster could look entirely different from those of your friends, and the next expansion piece takes three energy, 200 coins, 60 Goods and 200 Thrill Points to complete.

Remember, if you ever run out of Thrill Points, they can be earned by either collecting coins from ready rides and attractions or by boosting them. Coincidentally, you need to boost the Comet Coaster to complete this quest, and you’ll earn 40 Thrill Points in the process.

In order to paint the track and complete this quest, you’ll need to click on a single segment of track and click on the Paint button. This will allow you to choose from one of three colours to start, with other colours being available for Park Cash, the game’s premium currency. When you complete this quest, you’ll receive another 80 coins.

A Grand Entrance
• Upgrade the Front Gate

The Front Gate serves as another money maker in your park, as patrons must pay to get in. It can be upgraded by clicking on it and clicking on the “Upgrade” button. The upgrade itself is completed by adding one friend to the Gate as a staff member, and you can ask your friends to help you via individual requests sent directly to them. When you complete this quest, you’ll receive 80 coins.

The Rules of Attraction
• Visit Marty’s Park
• Perform 5 Actions in Mary’s Park
• Collect 1 Inspiration from Marty’s Park

Once you reach the “Grand Entrance” quest above, you’ll also receive this Rules of Attraction quest from Marty to complete at the same time. Marty is a theme park designer, and he serves as your computer neighbour throughout gameplay (you can find him in your friends bar and visit him as you would other real world players). Once you visit his park, you’ll need to complete five tasks by clicking on rides, businesses, etc. Completing these five tasks when visiting friends will give you an energy point and a single XP, and you’ll also receive an Inspiration at the same time. When you complete this quest, you’ll receive 150 coins.

Feed the Children
• Search the Hot Dog Cart
• Upgrade the Hot Dog Cart

Searching the Hot Dog Cart is a completely separate task from simply “collecting” its profits. You’ll need to click on the Hot Dog Cart and click on “search” to complete this task. Similarly, you can click on the Cart and select “Upgrade” to spend two Hot Dogs (a collectible earned by searching the Cart), 10 Goods and 25 Thrill Points to upgrade it to Level 2. Once the Hot Dog Cart is upgraded, it will be able to serve more guests at once, earning you more coins in the process. You’ll also receive 80 coins for finishing this quest.

A Whole New View
• Have a Ferris Wheel
• Paint your Park with a New Terrain
• Place 2 Decorations

This quest is the first of four in Marty’s first real series in the game. The Ferris Wheel attraction costs 300 coins to purchase in the store, and it requires 40 Goods and 150 Thrill Points to finish off. As for the Decorations, these are as cheap as 25 coins each, and include items like topiaries, fencing, flowers and much more. Finally, the Terrain tool can be accessed by clicking on the Move arrows in the bottom right corner of the gameplay area and then clicking on “Paint,” as highlighted below.

From there, it’s all a matter of clicking on a particular type of ground and then “painting” your park’s squares with it. While this might not be a very useful tool right at the beginning, it will eventually allow you to visually separate areas of your park to give them different themes.

Souvenirs for the Kids
• Build 1 Road
• Move 2 Businesses
• Earn 30 Coins

The Road pieces are also called Path pieces, and they can be placed for free from the store. As for the Businesses, you’ll need to simply move them using the Move tool in the bottom right corner of the screen. Interestingly, if you like the current locations of your businesses, you can just pick them up and place them back down again to complete that task without moving them at all. When you finish this quest, you’ll receive 60 coins and 10 Goods.

Even More Fun
• Have 4 Expansion Segments for the Comet Coaster
• Upgrade Carousel to Level 2

This is the last quest in one of Kelly’s quest series, and it requires you to once again expand your Comet Coaster by clicking on a piece and clicking on “Expand.” From there, you’ll get to choose the direction for your expansion, and will need to spend 250 coins, 70 Goods and 250 Thrill Points to actually complete the next piece. As for the Carousel upgrade, this requires just 13 coins and 10 Goods, so you should have no problem in upgrading it instantly after reaching this quest. Finishing this quest gives you another 80 coins.

And there you have it, a complete guide to finishing the first 10 quests in CoasterVille. These quests still feel more like a tutorial than anything else, but hopefully they’ll get you into the swing of things before the more complex tasks to come.

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Brandy Shaul is an editor at Games.com. Republished with permission. [clear]

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