BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition Includes Two Games And New Artwork

Sad that this March's BioShock Infinite won't be set in Rapture? You'll get a chance to re-visit the beautiful underwater city of the first two BioShock games with the newly announced Ultimate Rapture edition, which will boast an all-new Museum of Orphaned Concepts filled with concept art and character designs that weren't used for Irrational's hit franchise.

The new bundle comes out on January 14 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, at a cost of $US40. Here's a full rundown of what's inside:

• Museum of Orphaned Concepts: Take a tour of a never-before-seen BioShock museum and view early concept art, character models and more set within the halls of Rapture.

• Plasmids Pack: Includes four additional Plasmids and Gene Tonics — Sonic Boom, EVE Saver, Vending Expert and Machine Buster — for use in BioShock.

• Challenge Rooms Pack: Previously exclusive to PS3™ and now available for Xbox 360 for the first time, the pack tests the player's mettle by requiring them to utilise the skills learned while traversing the halls of Rapture to survive three separate puzzle rooms in BioShock.

• Sinclair Solutions Tester: Contains a number of customisation features that allow players to further their character's development in BioShock 2 multiplayer modes and provides a deeper multiplayer experience.

• Rapture Metro: Includes six additional multiplayer maps, an additional multiplayer gameplay mode and a rank increase to level 50 for BioShock 2 multiplayer.

• The Protector Trials: Features frantic combat and fast-paced action designed to push players' mastery of weapons and Plasmids in a BioShock 2 single-player experience spread across six maps.

• Minerva's Den: A substantial narrative experience that puts players in the role Subject Sigma and introduces new characters, locations and mystery to the world of Rapture in BioShock 2. Set in a new environment, Rapture Central Computing, Minerva's Den adds a gripping new storyline to extend the BioShock 2 experience.

• Also included, is an exclusive collectable sticker pack from BioShock Infinite's world of Columbia to get gamers ready for the next chapter in the BioShock universe.


    Minverva's Den was an excellent piece of DLC.

    Why no PC release?

      Yeah, you'd think that this was the perfect opportunity to smooth out the rough edges from Bioshock's original PC release. But who knows, there's still time to make it possible.

    From what I gather, the multiplayer maps aren't a big draw - not enough people had them so you'd seldom be able to get a game on them. As HotDamn said though, Minerva's Den is excellent - I haven't come across better story-based DLC.

    I did actually quite like Bioshock 2's multiplayer though, found the gameplay quite Quake-retro compared to a lot of other shooters - hopefully this will get some more people into it.

    It's actually going to retail for $US30. If you read the thing properly you would see it said "Over $40 worth of DLC content.

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