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And with this last post from me, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Thanks Kotaku, for all the good times. And here's the place to find out if you've won one of Marky Mark's special little bits of swag around his desk.

There was a silly little stuff-up last week with names, and I gave the top spot to three people, then I changed it to two... And then I had another crazy, game-changing idea. "Mark sends these things out," I thought to myself. "So why not just keep it at three?"

Then I rubbed my hands together and laughed. So to the "Mrs Tigs" household, you guys get two. BAM! Abuse of power.

Alrighty then, time for this week's nominations:

Chuloopa 1. Powalen - Just because

2. Strange - her hubby went of a cruise. She's at home. She deserves retribution.

3. Crazyguy - Dude gifted me scribblnaughts unlimited just because i voiced interest in it! There is no one more swell Crazyguy. He's one crazy guy.

Crazyguy was gifting things last week too. Does he do that every week? Is he like the crazy mobile phones guy whose prices are so crazy that he actually is legitimately crazy?

Redartifice I nominate Crazyguy1990 for gifting me Portal 2 on steam- he's a gifting machine! I also nominate Trjn and Shiggy, who I'm co-writing two Potaku articles with- they're both great debate partners.

Hmm, I'm sensing a theme here...

Strange This week I'm almost tempted to nominate DAN! for his wonderfully shameless self-promotion, but instead I'm going to nominate Effluvium Boy because his wit and charm have given me this week's most memorable moments. And he owes me a new new laptop after making me laugh so hard I spit my drink all over my new laptop's screen. :P Honourable mention goes to Aleph (@mythamphetamine) for being Aleph.

There you have it, Dan. By order of Community Kudos Law, you owe Strange a laptop. I didn't write Community Kudos Law. I merely enforce it.

Greenius D.C. masha2932

Well then.

Tigerion Noms for everybody who provided options when I was asking for some new music. @freezespreston, @chuloopa, @mythamphetamine, @spaghett, @effluvium-boy, @strange, @beavwa, @jamiedeecee and @virus__ They all get a nom but make sure that the largest one is give to Strange for the extra effort she put into her post.

There you have it: Not all noms are created equal.

Crazyguy I'd like to nominate Qumulys for gifting me Euro Truck Simulator 2! It's 18 tonnes of fun! \o/

Someone else told me that Tuesday, and I didn't believe him. I still kind of don't.

Well, it looks like there's been an awful lot of gifting going on here, and I think that's pretty cool. In fact, I think it's just pretty damn cool that you guys are all friends and actually know and care about each others' lives. It's like an oasis of friendliness in the desert of the internet.

So this week the award goes to Crazyguy. Well done champ! When Mark gets back to this funky bunch, he'll send you out a little somethin' somethin'. Be sure to let him know if you have any platform preferences, or favourite franchises, or maybe he knows all that already.

After today, you can catch me at @TheJunglist on Twitter or making 5 inch Floppy for GameArena.

Thanks for the fun guys, and for putting up with all my silly mistakes. I'm fairly sure I fixed 99% of them before they got caught :P Ciao for now!


    Take it easy Junglist! Congrats Crazyguy, you so crazy! Thanks for the noms too, Greenius.

    Thanks for being Mark 2.0, Junglist!

      But Junglist had Kotaku before Mark. Maybe Mark is Junglist 2.0!?!

    You didn't nom me Chuloopa! I changed my opinion Space Marine SUCKS!

    Also gratz Crazyguy!

    Thanks for looking after this madhouse this week @junglist!
    I'm considering nomming you for next week's kudos!

    May I just say, as a fellow PC gamer and old skool GG viewer, it has been a breath of fresh air to see Jung around us all over the last couple of weeks. I still watch Floppy, but it great to see that someone who I feel has the same taste in gaming and demands as much of it as I do from it, especially on one of my Favorite sites, is still kicking on strong. Game on brother, come back anytime.

      Aww thanks :) Nice to know the core gaming flavour is appreciated.

      I'll still be around here as well. I tend to lurk sometimes when it comes to comments, and I've been silly and posting as a guest (still as Junglist), but here and there I pop up heheh. But you can always catch me on the Floppy too :)

    "Last post" from you? But...but....Onederboy! You're still going to continue those for us aren't you?

    And congratulations CrazyGuy. You deserve it. :)

    P.S. Thanks for the regular and upsized noms Loops and Tigerion. :D

      Hmm, I wasn't planning on it, but let's see how the Onebro progress goes. I'll definitely beat it, I guarantee that -- just no idea how long it will take! I'll down the Gaping Dragon easily but Kalameet, Manus, Four Kings and Lord Gwyn... I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

        Yeah, it's certainly a hard road you've chosen. Good luck! Thanks for inspiring me to get back into the game.

    @junglist Thanks for your work over the past few weeks...

    You missed my nomm, I sent it to Marks email... so you may not have seen it.

    you're all winners as far as i'm concerned!

      Except for everyone who isn't Crazyguy. Those guys ALL lost! Hate to be them right now!

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